The missing months

It’s been six months or so since I last managed to access my Coad account to make a post, or check things. So a lot has happened in those months so I will try and remember what to make this post.

I have had two hospital appointments, nothing worrying but need to attend none-the-less. Then each and every one of my grandchildren were referred to hospital with their tonsils, and they have all subsequently been put on the list for the removal of the said offending body part. It’s a 20 minute operation we wee told, although the youngest one will stay in overnight as she is under 3. The first of the removals begins next week, and we had some discussion whether to tell Kristian. i said why worry him, other members of the family said he needed to know. In the end he was told he was having an operation soon – but not how soon.

Then of course my laptop ‘broke’, and boy do I miss it. I couldn’t afford a new one so ordered a tablet which although adequate for most things, it is not as suitable for my needs as a laptop. So time will tell whether things improve enough to get a new laptop in the new year.

Then we had a hole in our roof, which was leaking through to our bedroom. And trying to get someone to fix it was a nightmare. It took a week before someone could come, all that time my stress levels were as high as the London Shard! I musty confess after my stress period I felt myself thanking God for getting through it – because believe me at times I just wanted out.

Next my back went, and boy did it go i could hardly move. Luckily enough on the day of my dental visit (which was nearly cancelled but my back eased up enough to let me go), my dentist was down stairs,I am pleased to say it is much better – but not right.

My brother-in law announced he was getting married (we didn’t even know he had a girlfriend) and would I be his best man, and the grandchildren the bridesmaids. I refused (a nerve thing), and then we got a call last week saying we weren’t even invited to the wedding. Needless to say, emotions run high with my wife.

And earlier week both my in laws were taken into hospital, father-in-law with pneumonia and mother in law with two infections. They remain there to date although they are getting better.

So amongst some quite ‘low points’ there have been a few good points. i won the lottery twice £20 the first time and £50 the next (on the same ticket). My grandson won a ‘mathematician of the week’ award at school. We had a lovely time going to see Father Christmas with my grandchildren.And I haven’t burnt a dinner since either 😉

It all seems doom and gloom, and for the most part it has seemed that way, but it’s in the past now and the future is looking brighter.

Take care




5 thoughts on “The missing months

  1. Sounds like you have had a somewhat eventful 6 months! My husband was just sick for 10 days with his tonsils. He’s 54 and still has his – not a good thing so it’s a good thing your grandchildren are getting theirs out. If you didn’t know your BIL was even dating, maybe you weren’t the best choice for best man anyway but I understand about the nerves…….well, okay so I don’t particularly understand because I LOVE to be the center of attention but my daughter does not and so I feel for you. insecurity, cold feet and fear run high with brides and grooms – especially if they are young – so don’t be too hard on ’em. You will forget being uninvited long before they get over the guilt of not inviting you! Glad you are back! I missed your posts!

    • Thanks Kelli! I remember when our own daughter had hers out, it was only a short time thing. And indeed is day surgery, they just have to have 2 weeks off school.

      I was asked the other day how old I was, and replied 54. A minute or two later, I had to confess to lying, I am 53!

      • You and I are so close in age! I’m 51 and will be 52 in October…………I love how the Internet has been the catalyst for our friendship and two similiar people across the pond from each other and make a friendship. I get to hear about your wife, kids, grandkids! It’s great fun for me!

  2. It’s great to see a post from you again… even if it is full of bad news! Hopefully things calm down for you and you can continue to focus on those positives and realize the negatives come and go.

    My laptop broke, and I’ve been sharing with the husband’s work computer when I can (especially since I have an online job) so I haven’t been posting as often as I’d like. It’s amazing how dependent we are on computers!

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