Get help

 DiabetesUK is the leading charity for people with Diabetes, they offer advice and support just click the logo to visit their website. is another excellent website that is run by professionals to help and assist people with Diabetes. They are also on Facebook (Click the logo of the link left)


NHS choices is a Government run website which has all the Governmental advice on various health problems including diabetes, just click on the logo to visit the website.


Net Doctor is another top rated website that offers excellent advice on various conditions including diabetes. It also lists medication which is handy if you want to check a new one out.


PATIENT.CO.UK is another great website where you can learn about medical problems (including diabetes) and medicines. This is the website which allows you to book doctor appointments and request repeat prescription if you re registered with them.


You are more than welcome to send me a message too, I will do my utmost to reply as honestly and quickly as I can. Though I should advise that due to poor health, messages may take longer than normal to be responded to.


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