Britain has some talent

I’m not a fan of reality TV shows – the talent type such as X factor, Pop idol etc. But there is one exception to this rule and that is Britain’s got talent! Don’t get me wrong I can miss it without any fretting, but on the same token I also like to catch up. This year I have seen some of the people I hoped would get through go through and am shocked by  other who have go through – how did they do that?
This is one from last nights show, and how he got through is a wonder?

This little girl has got through to the final, and is well deserved.

These brothers were the outright winners of the first live show (closely followed by the little girl mentioned above)

Another disaster to get through was Philip Green, his audition was funny but this proved he couldn’t keep up the show

Finally a man of mystery failed to get the public support


Stay safe

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2 thoughts on “Britain has some talent

  1. I didn’t see all of the guy dancing with the “nun” but when I saw his feet, we was a pretty fancy stepper and maybe that’s why he got through. The little girls was wonderful and the 2 men were outstanding! I’m not very big on reality shows either – but I love Amazing Race where 12 teams of two race around the world and have different challenges. Two Cowboys from Oklahoma Jet and Cord – rodeo champions and 2 of like 9 kids are all time Amazing Race favorites. I’m sure it’s because they are from Oklahoma, don’t you? 🙂

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