Bad things

The last few days have been a storm of media output about two specific events. Firstly we heard of the terrible news that 91 people were dead from the dreadful tornadoes in Oklahoma. Fortunately the next day this number had reduced to about 22. Twenty-two too many of course. It makes one question why does God allow this to happen doesn’t it? But he tests us, and that in turn makes us stronger. Our love, prayers and thoughts go out to those involved particularly  Kelli. I can not imagine what it is like to avoid a hurricane like Kelli did, and I will try my hardest not to complain about the British weather again.

The second thing to hit the headline (yesterday) was the terrorist attack where two men run over a serving soldier and then stabbed him before trying to cut his head off. ( It annoys me that these people are living in and usually living off the British tax payer, while at the same time planning to cause disruption in such an awful way. I was saying to Mrs Dave, that to me this attack is perhaps in some ways different from the dreadful bombing attacks we are used to. It makes you worry about walking down the street, this time the attack seems personal if you know what I mean.

And then I heard of a friend who lost their fifteen years old grandson in an accident, a dreadful thing to happen to anyone. Please pray for Sandy and her family.

And lastly (one a slightly lighter note) I had an accident on Sunday with the dishwasher! We were loading the dishwasher so the door was down. I stood in front putting some cups in, and went to step to move away but realised Lily-May was there, so to avoid hurting her I stepped forward and banged my shin bone straight into the corner of the door. Boy did it hurt, and now some days on its still hurting. My fear is cellulitus, as it is the same leg I had that infection in before.

Stay safe

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6 thoughts on “Bad things

  1. Oh dear! Keep that leg taken care of. Thank you for your prayers love and support concerning the tornadoes (Does the UK not have tornadoes or hurricanes?) Hurricanes are only on the coast where the Oceans are. I’ve never been so scared! Now, I want to ask about the terrorists…were those the two I saw on the news with bloody hands and were standing around waiting for the police to come so they videoed themselves while waiting talking about their “women” who endured this sort of thing every day? I just look this up!! Thanks Dave.

    • Hi Kelli! The UK does have tornadoes but they are rare, or not that powerful. The worst one I can remember was in 2005 in Birmingham (see: I think also there was one in London which took down a few houses. But generally they are tunnel clouds and don’t hit the ground.

      You’re right about the terrorists, they were the ones with bloody hands. One was shouting out things like an ‘eye for and eye’. The woman talking to him was trying to calm the situation and stop him from doing any further damage. She is being classed as a hero…

      • In the U.S. we have a saying, “It takes all kinds” meaning it takes all kinds of people to make up a community. I don’t know if you have it there or not – but, here’s my take on that phrase. Uh, no, no it doesn’t take all kinds…..

  2. Hopefully all is well with your leg!!

    All this negative news is definitely heartbreaking, and it makes you think about things differently. I saw the news story the other day about the terrorist attack, and I couldn’t believe it. Usually the terrorists hide behind bombs and guns and anonymity. These were not afraid to show their faces, which definitely frightens me. Scary, scary stuff!

    • Hi Pam, for me it all seemed ‘personal’ if that makes sense. No longer are they (as you say) hiding behind bombs and guns, they are openly grabbing passers by to video them and brag! It take terrorism to a new level I think, in that who will it be next who is leaving to get a take away or go to work… I realise this man was a soldier, but they have said that they are out for anyone.

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