Eye say!

Since being diabetic I have without fail gone for my annual eye screening, it also coincide
s with my usual eye test, both are done in the same month. Last year however, I got a bit of a shock with both eye tests. The results for my diabetic screening came back with showing signs of ‘Background retinopathy’. To say it scared me to death was an under statement. I laughed because I didn’t know how to react. I did a google search (who doesn’t?) and found it to be not aeye serious as I had imagined. However, it is sign that my control isn’t good and I need to improve. I hate being diabetic, there really is no sense in the disease. Could I have prevented ‘catching’ it or was I always ‘meant’ to get it?

My other eye test (the one with the normal optician, showed I had the start of a cataract on the other eye. My world fell apart slightly, eye operations worry me more than most others. Why? Because you’re awake watching the surgeon cut your eye open.

Being diabetic is hard! I get down from the constant testing and refusal of food stuffs I’d love to indulge in. My levels have recently got stable, so that is a good result. I believe this ‘down-ness’ is called diabetic burnout. I currently inject five times minimum a day, testing almost as many times, trying to maintain a healthy relationship with food, watching out for infections (something I was hospitalized with last year). So you can see why and how it can drag people down – even those that are normally cheerful and happy-go-lucky.

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