That’s better!

You may recall I was writing about the state of the garden following the demolition of our garden shed and a good old sort out! Anyway we ordered a 6 yard skip,  anf after paying for it I saw one for £50 cheaper than what I had paid with a different company! Still, no good crying over spilled milk is there. So the pile of junk in our garden was nothing short of the UK’s number one eye-sore to see. Honestly, I can tell you that I have muttered under my breath about gardens that were not in such a bad way. I guess now you’re probably thinking I’m a snob? I am no such thing of course. But I do like to see things in some sort of order, and our garden was not.

Our skip was soon full, and Mrs Dave decided there was still room for a few more bits. So she began filling it as I shouted: “They won’t empty it if the level is above the top of the skip”. Now at this point I am not sure if she had her ‘selective hearing’ or whether she genuinely didn’t hear, I will go with the first option! As luck would have it the skip was a nigh on perfect size for our rubbish, and it has now gone! The garden looks so much bigger without the shed, not to mention tidier!

I think I may well have annoyed some of our neighbours though as I did decided to burn some of the old shed that had broken down into ‘burn size pieces’. I did this over three nights in a small bin incinerator. The last night we had just a few sticks and I thought I’d finish the job, so put the wood in the bin and lit it. I didn’t expect the dense smoke that came from not only the chimney but the edges of the lid too. It was in fact so thick that it blocked out the sun from the clear blue sky (I kid you not). So I decided to leave it, and I sneaked out to find room for the remaining few sticks.

Now I happy to say the skip has bin collected (see the pun there), and the garden looks a whole lot better, and with the blue skies and warm temps due to stay for the bank holiday weekend some members of the family have mentioned the dreaded ‘B word’. Yes Mrs Dave suggested we might have a Barbeque on Sunday. Does she not know after 31 years of marriage that I am not into BBQs? Yes they are OK occasionally (like every six years or so). But then live-at-home daughter said the same sole thing, it worries me to think the flames may still be rising from our back garden again this weekend, what will the neighbours say?

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3 thoughts on “That’s better!

  1. The weather man came on and said there was some strange black cloud blocking the sun last week – so it was you! 🙂 My husband doesn’t care to BBQ much either but he can be persuaded a few times per year. I only like it if it’s on a charcoal grill though – tomorrow WE are going to cook out as well. It’s our son’s birthday and both boys will be here building 2 arbors for the upcoming wedding in 2 weeks. we are going to start early – I’m also making macaroni salad and I bought a Key Lime Pie to dessert. not a bad birthday party for him! 🙂 I’m glad you got the yard cleared out without too much trouble – now you can plant some flowers and bushes!! 🙂

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