Our garden looks like we’ve had a burglary!

Last weekend our garden shed was demolished and all the items with that we wanted to keep were relocated into storage. Of  if your shed is like ours then you’ll probably have ‘other stuff’ like old kids toys and things you keep because ‘they’ll come in handy’. Anyway, if it had just been the shed it might not have been so bad. But our back garden is jam-packed with rubbish and broken wood. I bought an incinerator in the shape of a rubbish bin with a lid chimney! I thought that won’t take long to burn that – how wrong I was! After changing all our neighbours normal white net curtains to a shade of grey (and we’re not talking dirty books here), we thought we’d take stock. And guess what? it doesn’t look any different! Nope, the only slight difference is the pile of broken woods is slightly dented.

The first time we lit the fire had me worried, as the bin started to ‘melt’ I joke not. The silver soldering/welding literally ended on the paving slab we had stood the bin on. Panic stricken I decided we needed to let the fire go out, (it had nothing to do with the person over the garden wall shouting ‘fire, someone call the brigade). Next on my ‘to do’ list is booking a skip, a larger skip at that!  So if you see smoke blowing over the pond into your state, don’t worry it’s only me burning some more wood!

We have a visitor, and boy is she annoying! OK she’s only small, but she has one voice that gets right under your skin, not to mention she smell! She is my daughters dog. My daughter has gone away with her friends, and we have this ‘thing’ that we dog sit each others dogs when the other goes away. Little did I remember that Tia was quite so smelly, not to mention her problem with rear end wind, which just adds to the distasteful aroma! And her bark, well it’s not a bark it is a yap! Anything gets her going, a knock on the door, someone passing by our garden, any sudden noise, in fact anything. So I am sitting here waiting for my Asda shop (Walmart), and with Lily asleep I just know Tia’s yap will wake her up! Fingers crossed they might turn up a little later…

Take care

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2 thoughts on “Our garden looks like we’ve had a burglary!

  1. Hmmmmmmmmm………Men and their desire to watch things burn! I don’t know what a skip is but maybe it’s a skip loader? They will take your trash off? We have “Big Trash” day here in the united states. 1 or 2 Saturdays a year it’s scheduled and you just put your big piles of trash that doesn’t go with the regular stuff out in the driveway and they come pick it up.

    My mother has a dog like your daughter’s – Drives me insane! If she had gas too I would tell mom she had to be put down! :)) just kidding but you never want the dogs to wake up the babies, do ya! I’ll look for your smoke signals!! 🙂

    • Thats a good idea Kelli, Big trash days! Our council will pick up larger items at a cost. Tia (the yapper) will be going home tomorrow so peace (apart from Lily May) will once again rein 🙂 . We had planned today to cut up some wood for burning, but alas Mrs Dave’s parents rung at 6.30am saying they needed help and could she go up as her Dad can’t get out of bed. I assume we are talking about the same thing when we talk about skips and skip loaders, they take away bulky/decorative/ rubbish (trash). Hope you are well?

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