Auto pilot

I’ve missed the last few days for some reason! Oh yes the reason is grand children, I remember now. We baby sat Saturday, Sunday, and Monday for all three of our grandchildren (5, 3 and 2). And as you are probably aware I’m no longer as youthful as I once was, but I never really expected that grandchildren would make me sleep as well as I did. OK my sleep still isn’t brilliant, even with the grandchildren, but it was a bit better than I’ve had in the past years. I gathered this was from sheer exhaustion. So the past few days have been made through ‘auto pilot’. In fact the only way I heard about the Mothers day shooting in New Orleans was through my son!
You’re probably aware that our wonderful prime minister (I say that with the slightest hint of sarcasm) is having a break in America, courtesy of the British and American tax payer. So can I ask my American friends to keep him there! I’ll give a reward, let’s say an English penny, OK I’ll stretch to two! Seriously I won’t miss him if he doesn’t come back for ever.
For my British readers I am afraid to say that rumour has it that ‘summer’ is over. Yes remember those gorgeous few days we had a week or so ago? Well, that’s it allegedly… Can you remember last year (as if you can really forget). We had nice weather until they declared a drought, and then rain, rain and more rain with added rain! I have been told ‘they’ (the secret organisation with people who know weather things) have said we are in much for another year. Well, let me tell you Mr forecaster, if it rains when I am away I will sue! If police people can sue innocent people for getting hurt while doing their job, and prisoners can sue for the comfort of their mattresses, and an American man can sue God, then surely I can sue the weather man! (I joke of course)
Today for dinner I have cooked from scratch (it didn’t take that long honest), Chilli con carne. yes my culinary skills have been tested, not by the cooking but by the fact I had to open a bottle of red wine and not drink it. Good job I am tee total I guess, not sure if Mrs Dave will be able to resist quite so easily though… It (the chilli) is being eaten with jacket potatoes and you may well be aware of how ‘into’ jacket potatoes I am currently.

Take care

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3 thoughts on “Auto pilot

  1. YUM! We love Chili Con Carne here – but it was fabulous! Those grandchildren keep us all going don’t they? I think about my mom (age 75) who takes care of Rocket every day of the week save one day and then I think about how exhausted I am after one 24 hour stay on the occasional weekend. She’s so much better than me! Um……….sorry, we don’t want to keep your prime minister – you can have him back really soon. Prince Harry is here as well – we’ll keep him because he’s cute, funny, and a bit of a maverick and we LOVE mavericks in the U.S.

    • Ah Kelli, I’m disappointed that you won’t keep our PM – however I do understand. Maybe we could try the French!

      Prince Harry could be yours for a bargain price, just inbox me!

      Your mum is a miracle on legs. Truly! I was absolutely shattered after three days of babysitting, in fact I’m surprised I didn’t put them on eBay at times 🙂 Seriously though, as we grow older, you tend to forget how much hard work they can be! Tell your mum she has a much respected fan from over this side of the pond!

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