London trip

Last Saturday was a lovely day, but also horrible. How can I come to such a conclusion? Let me explain…

We travelled to the capital by bus and train and everything went smoothly enough,  approaching Kings Cross station we got a text to tell us that the rest of the group was in situ and sure enough we met up with Bryan within a minute or so of getting off the train! We then went by taxi over London city to Charing cross station where we met David (good name aye). We had some lunch and Nathan and Bryan went off to their football match, while David Naomi, Lily, Mrs Dave and myself stayed around Charing cross station walking to St James Park, Downing Street, the Strand etc. All went well and when the football fans had finished we met up for an evening meal. This proved problematic in itself. All the restaurants were packed and we had to wait to get into cafe rouge. And thats about where things started to go downhill. For a start the restaurant service was painfully slow, and the menu didn’t have much to appeal (although we all found one thing). The restaurant was very noisy too with music being pumped out and voices, didn’t bode well having to shout at each other.

And then we left to catch the train home, and the night just got worse. We went to catch the 19.53 train and it was so packed an ant wouldn’t have been able to get on it. So assuming the next one would be just as busy we watched out for the platform announcement and when it came we rushed over to it. Again it was extremely busy and not a single seat in sight! So I opened my wheelchair and sat down on it. We were told we would have to change at Hitchin at the station, on the train it changed to Welwyn garden city. We got off the packed like sardines train only to find other people waiting. When the train pulled in we just managed to squeeze on and open my chair again to sit down. While at Hitchin we were told by a staff member told us that we would need to change again at Stevenage, and the train would be right behind us. At Stevenage we waited for forty minutes for the next packed train. We eventually got to Cambridge at 10.40pm! By the time we got out of the station (with toilets etc) it was 11pm +. The last bus to our hometown leaves the bus station at 11.10pm and the buses to the city centre take 10 to 15 minutes, so ultimately we had missed the last bus home! We walked through our front door at 11.50pm… None of us were amused, although my two year old granddaughter did sleep pretty well that night. So this morning we have been filling out ‘delay – repay’ forms to claim compensation! I’m not a great believer in the compensation culture, but to me this is bad service and the company need to repay as they didn’t provide the service I had paid for. Additionally I had to pay an additionally £39 for a taxi to our hometown.

Rant over… Below I have added a few pictures from our day


For a few more pictures see: Here

Stay safe

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5 thoughts on “London trip

  1. Well, I’m glad the day started well! Public transportation is always a very frustrating thing. Sorry you had to deal with all that :/

  2. Holy Cow! What.A.Mess! I know you city dwellers think that private cars are problematic but I don’t like being close to strangers that much so I would have had some sort of meltdown in that situation and embarrassed everyone! 🙂 Eating in one of those crowded noisy restaurants with blaring music doesn’t sound that much fun either. But at least you got to see family! 🙂

    • I did once have a meltdown in such circumstance Kelli. We were going on holiday and I had sciatica (again) but wanted to brave the journey so the children could have a break. What with the pain AND the extreme crowds I had a panic attack (well that’s what the paramedics who were called – called it). I had to calm myself down in this situation by looking at the floor and breathing deeply, whilst trying to imagine nice things and thinking ‘its gonna be over in a little while (I was wrong of course’. The meet up was with friends, and it was good to see them again. We just need to catch up with our friends from Berkshire now. We usually go away with them, but what with one thing and another we haven’t seen them for a year or more now, unless of course they are trying to tell us something 🙂

      • That sounds like a fun holiday to take up to Berkshire! Can’t wait for you to go and take us along! 🙂 Panic attacks affect me sometimes too – I hate it when that happens!

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