Happy birthday to COAD

Today is Confessions of a diabetics first birthday, can you believe that? A whole year has past since my first post on WordPress, and a lot has happened through that time. My hb1ac has dropped a bit, and overall my control has been better for a start. We’ve had a nice family holiday in Majorca, and spring is in the air (well sometimes). On the negative side there have been a few things, with my daughter having a cancer scare, ill health, and of course more recently I had the scare of receiving a phone call informing me that my mum was about to die and that I should go say my goodbyes. She is still alive, and as the person who knows her best I think she has some time yet!

Tomorrow we’re off to London, my son (special needs) is going to a premier league football match with a family friend. We’ll share a meal before they leave and another when they get back. This time (our third such annual London trip) we’ll hopefully be popping over to Buckingham palace area and having a tea or six no doubt!  We’re also meeting up with another friend this time so that’ll be good too. But with Mrs Thatcher’s funeral on Wednesday and the London marathon on tomorrow, London is on high security alert, in relation to the Boston Bomb.  I’ve never been to the capital when security is near the highest alert setting we have, and part of me is dreading it for the reason of crowds.

Grandchildren are wonderful aren’t they? They keep you fit free of charge having them play with you all their waking time. They give their unwanted food and drink to you to ‘eat’. And they like a bit of TV. But our youngest grandchild is driving me a bit on the mad side. Our Lily has three ‘must watch’ tv programmes. Firstly, and her favourite is Peppa Pig! I swear that I have  in the last few months watched every episode of Peppa Pig ever made. Next on the list is Cbeebies Show me show me, now while the content of the show is fine and non-addictive, the tune is something different. In fact I have woken up in the middle of the night singing the tune, how do you get a tune out of your head like that? And thirdly (and lastly) there is another show on Cbeebies is called something special, it’s a BBC show aimed at pre-school children with special needs. But despite it being aimed at special needs children I have yet to meet a child that doesn’t like the show (and indeed Mr Tumble himself got an MBE for his services to children, and well deserved in my opinion).

Right I’m off for the evening, so please stay safe and I’ll see you soon

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4 thoughts on “Happy birthday to COAD

  1. Happy Bloggiversary! Have fun in London – I’ve always wanted to visit. Our son did a summer internship at Oxford and that’s about as close as I’ve ever gotten – pictures from him. 🙂 The news just said they were arresting 2 men in the Boston Marathon Bombing and the men were Russian, living in the US for a while. One of them is dead – not sure how he died as I just got up (it’s about 6AM here) and I’m still a little addled. I understand about grandbabies and favorite shows. Rocket is now 1 year old and his favorite show? Wheel Of Fortune! Do you have that game show over there? He’s been a fan since he was bout 5 months old and it’s about the only time he is still and quiet – thank goodness! Hope your son has fun at the Soccer Game! I believe Rocket may be a soccer player – he got one for his birthday and he just LOVES to kick it!!

    • Hi Kelli! Not heard the latest on the bombings, will have to check the news online (missed it on TV this morning). Yes, we did have wheel of fortune over but it is no longer commissioned (unless its on a channel we don’t get). However they have just brought back and old series from yesteryear called ‘catchphrase’ which we love. Its just in front of a new show called ;Off their rockers’ (Old people pulling pranks on members of the public) which we love too…

  2. Happy Blogiversary!!! Here’s to another year (and more!!)

    Have fun on your trip. I hope everything goes fine. I don’t do well in crowds, and with security that high, I’d be a bit nervous, too!

    Songs on kids’ shows are so catchy. I get them stuck in my head so often :/

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