There’s a reason why I’m not a doctor..

I’ve often thought that people who become doctors are wonderful human beings, because I simply couldn’t do their job. Despite my fascination and yearning to be a medic, I know it is a dream beyond my realm!

For a start a programme on TV the other night had a man with half a face (See picture left), I recoiled in horror when I saw it. It’s not that I was being horrid or discriminative because I am anti that as you are probably aware. I think rather it is a case of shock and how uncomfortable or painful it must be. The man had wonderful support from his future wife, and he wasn’t down trodden despite what he must endure in his day-to-day living. I guess that makes me a little squeamish in some ways. But how this man copes living everyday, is amazing. He doesn’t hide away and want to die, rather he’ll cover his face and walk hand in hand with his fiancée. I take my hat off to him, I’m not sure that I could be that strong in those circumstances. As it transpired on the TV programme, they have now made him a prosthetic face,  which is amazing and can only boost his confidence even further. Additionally despite having numerous surgeries for various things, the thought of sawing, drilling into someone’s body is just beyond me, not to mention eyes, operations and removals etc. So reason one for me not contributing my (lack of) skills to the medical profession is down to my squeamishness.


And then if I got ill I’d self diagnose, worse still you would know exactly what to expect. My own GP (General Practitioner/doctor) recently died from cancer, she was a lovely woman who I thought did a good job. But imagine knowing exactly how the medication will give you side effect, or if you don’t go for the medication how it will affect you in time to come. Of course being a doctor is about helping others out, but when you know what’s coming it must weigh heavier on your mind? So for my second reason I’ll classify it as: Knowing what is coming.

Thirdly, imagine having to tell someone they are going to die? I’d be useless at doing that not to mention probably being in tears with them! I dare say you’d get somewhat ‘used to it’, but it still in my opinion takes a certain type of person, to remain detached when giving such dreadful news. Reason number 3 worry too much

And then you have the worry about ‘getting it right’. We’ve all heard of doctors who have told patients they are dying, when in  fact they aren’t, they are perfectly healthy. There was a case in the UK not too long ago where a young cancer patient was given loads more radiation treatment than she needed. Instead of getting better she was dead within a few months – suffering! And that was due to  a doctor making an error and the radiologists not picking it up. So reason number four Mistakes

So as you can imagine I would make a lousy doctor, which is probably why I leave it to others – those who have that ‘special quality’, those who have the ability to remain detached. So congratulations to every doctor who qualifies that does their job to their best, and may God forbid any who are like me… 🙂


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