To the pharmacy and beyond

I posted the first tale on KalamityKelli’s post today, so forgive me if you have read it before. I also posted it over at Ezcooking so you could have also read it there, please do read on afterwards though as that isn’t a repeat.

My daughter said to my grand children Kristian and Chloe (5 and 3) “I have to go to the pharmacy to get my medication” So they prepared and set off on the two minute journey. She picked up her medication they left the pharmacy again. Shortly after leaving the pharmacy my grand daughter (Chloe) threw a paddy and had the terrible two tantrums that all Parents dread. “What on earth is up?” her mum asked. “Mummy, you said we’d go to see the farm horsey”. Needless to say it hit my funny bone right on the spot…

You see I have what might be described as slightly odd sense of humour, or perhaps its the norm I don’t really know. I find mishaps incredibly funny, whether that be in real life on TV or anywhere else. If it strikes me – it strikes me and nothing can stop me. I will recall a few instances of this ‘humour’ and you can make your own mind up..

Firstly in laws



I was sat in my future in-laws sitting room, having a tea meal (sandwiches cake etc). They offered me a coconut jam/mallow biscuit which I took. As my future wife and I took a bite, both of our teeth were nearly broken – the mallow was absolutely rock hard. I looked at my fiancee and the laughter started. And continued, and continued. In another instance my (now in laws) were sitting in sitting room and my son Nathan who had not said a word other than Mummy until then, looked out of the window and proudly said in a loud clear voice “Do you know it’s p***sing down out there”. Again laughter ensued which was compound even further when my MIL said “It’s not that funny”.






And one from the TV



Eamonn Holmes was presenting a TV show when he took a phone call from a woman. After the initial banter he asked what her husband did “He is a lecturer, he has a PHD in insects”. “I’m sorry” Eamonn said in disbelief, and the woman duly repeated her sentence. He then turned to his co-presenter and said “Oh my, I thought she said her husband had a PHD in sex”



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2 thoughts on “To the pharmacy and beyond

    • I swear that in thirty plus years of marriage (and more with actual engagement and courting) she has never cooked a meal. She simply gives orders to my FIL. Now she is not in such good health and on a liquid diet my FIL has joined her on that too 🙂 lol

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