Read all about it… And getting older

It’s amazing how one years can change your life, and although I feel I ‘keep’ going on about it I recently came across a newspaper article that was written a few years after the actual accident. They did a cover story a few years earlier about the actual accident and what had happened and how it affected me etc. And now they wanted a ‘catch up story’. I’ll try and see if I have the first article in my scrap book (is that sad keeping a scrap book?) Anyway here is a link to the follow up article.

Additionally over the first few years I used to get a few pounds by writing letters to magazines, many of which got published (though not all for cash). They appeared in National press,National gardening magazines, National computer magazines, Health magazines and more. I’m not blowing my own trumpet in any way just thought it might be something worth having a nose at.

Changing the subject; kids, you may know them as Children. When I was younger I had enough patience to have three of our own children with my wife: Look after disabled (mentally and physically) through social services through a scheme they operated: My wife child minded and we often did extra babysitting (sometime overnight): And we run the local pentecostal church Sunday school. So you could say we could cope. Now some years on, with things seriously changed I struggle to be nice to the kids who insist on kicking their football over our back garden wall; not once a fortnight, not once a week, not even once a day, more like once an hour! Yeah haydays and holidays are a nightmare with the ball being kicked over. I am polite for the first couple of visits, and then my blood pressure rises and while I’m not rude or horrible I do state my case. And tell them not to keep kicking it over else they won’t get it back. Tell me I’m not alone… I remember my mum having to tell me once to knock on the door for my ball, and if the person wasn’t in or said no, then I didn’t get the ball. Of course like all kids if there was no answer I’d often nip and get the ball anyway.

Finally, to convince you the world really has gone mad, have a read of this story about a police woman who is suing a garage owner after he rung 999 because someone was breaking into his garage. The police officer fell up a kerb and is now suing him for damages. (BBC news version)

Stay safe

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2 thoughts on “Read all about it… And getting older

  1. Okay wait – a police officer is suing a business owner because he called and she came to his business and fell We are a litigious society! I’m in a hurry to shower and get to work this morning but I will read the article about the accident when i get home tonight. One last thing – If a kid kicks his ball into your back yard more than once a day? I would tell them next time they asked that it wasn’t out there and they must have kicked it repeatedly into someone elses back yard. Or, next time it happens, youi could tell them that only once can they come get it but every time after that their parents will have to come get it – every time. If you, the adult in your house will be inconvenienced each time they kick the ball – then the adult in their house will be inconvenienced as well! After 1 or 2 trips, the parents will stop that crap! The reason I know this works? Each time our neighbors stay up and cause a bunch of noise waking us up at night, I call the owners of the home instead of calling the police. If their tennants wake us up, then I wake the owners up – only happened 1 time and never again! 🙂

  2. Sorry to hear about your accident. My cousin’s husband was in a similar accident (struck by a car while trying to help another accident) and the driver of the car that hit him tried to sue him! People really will sue over anything, won’t they?! He didn’t win, and my cousin won a countersuit. It’s just crazy that he tried!

    I agree with Kelli above about the ball situation. It’s one thing if it happens every now and then. Accidents happen. But, several times a day is unacceptable!

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