I’m turning vegetarian… Well not really!

Since the recent horse in beef products scandal that has hit the UK and a lot of Europe, I have to confess that I used it as an excuse to try some vegetarian meals. As you know I’m not a chef, so I buy the pre-made versions. First thing I notice was the price, the vegetarian version of mincemeat was a fraction of the price of its counterpart. I got two packs for £3 whereby the equivalent meat price would have been double that. When I made the pasta bolognese with the vegetarian meat, everyone ate it, so I assume it wasn’t that bad. So when I next did my shopping on-line I looked at the vegetarian meals, and got some nut roasts, bean burgers (love them anyway), falafel and some other bits. And the plates have always been empty (my daughter usually makes home made falafel btw). As for it being healthier, I’m not sure as I haven’t studied the packs. And we do still eat meat: In truth the horse meat scandal didn’t really phase me, after all we eat cows and pigs. But I do wonder how many people it did bother, I know a lot of people were simply put off by thinking they are eating ‘pets’. I looked more realistically and thought ‘meat’.

I wonder why laptop manufacturers make it so the charger part tends to need replacing after a year or so (oh yes, would that be money)? This is my second laptop where the charger has needed replacing due to it getting ‘loose’. So good old Amazon come to the rescue! A full charge usually lasts my laptop about three hours or so, but when your typing, playing, checking emails etc time really does zoom by, which is why I have started Christmas shopping already. Before you start shouting, I have only got a few bits in the sales (like crackers, some jewellery and gifts). Talking of celebrations did you have a nice Easter? We did, albeit slightly odd as my wife worked on the Saturday and my daughter worked Monday and Friday, so the only family day (without the youngest daughter) was Sunday.

Talking of my youngest, you may recall the scare we had a while back, luckily she was cleared of the C words, but they carry on investigating. And the latest test is an MRI scan which is something I couldn’t go through with I’m sure. She felt the same so has contacted the hospital to let them know, they say they will get back to her.

Anyway I will close for now

Stay safe

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2 thoughts on “I’m turning vegetarian… Well not really!

  1. The reason chargers breakdown is the same reason pharmaceutical companies “Can’t” find cures for cancer or diabetes……….money! I had to have an MRI once on my head – a semi-truck full of bricks clipped my car on the highway and my passenger and I spun 8 times hitting a bridge (and my head) each time we came around. I nearly came out of that MRI room because it sounded like a war was going on! Very loud! Glad; your Easter was good – ours was too!

    • I knew they are noisey, my son has had one previously, but they could only do half (due to his claustrophobia and special needs). I know they have a new ‘not so scary’ MRI scanner but from what I glean it is very expensive to use.

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