Happy Easter!

happy easterHappy Easter everyone! When you think of Easter what are your first thoughts? Chocolate? Time off from work? Jesus dying on the cross? I have to confess that the latter had escaped my mind on Friday, and as I lay in bed last night I suddenly realised that I hadn’t ‘spared a thought’ to the real Easter meaning. 
Of course I did get a few Easter eggs, but the joy of having a little grand daughter live with you, is that we can share eggs, so neither of us eat too much in one go! But why is chocolate so tasty? I think as I have got older (and possibly due to knowing I shouldn’t eat too much), chocolate has got a nicer taste. That goes for Cadbury’s, the Nestle ones have changed over time and their chocolate now taste really awful to me. 
In just a weeks time my late father will have been dead for 17 years, and yet I remember the day very clearly. It was my first real experience of death. Until then the closest relative to die was my Granddad who lived in London and to whom I had no real attachment. But one thing I have gleaned over the years since my Dad’s death (and my accident) is that family are the most important thing, and you should value them each and every day. That said there will always be ups and downs in any close relationship, but at the end as long as you know you love and are loved it’s good. My wife was a massive support to me during my Annus horribilis (1996), and without her I am sure I would not be here today. And even the internet holds many surprises! Two WordPress friends have been especially supportive to me over the months I have been on here. Kelli and Pam have offered supportive words in a few tough times I have had. Thank – you all
Now let’s talk about food, and why not? Last night as I tucked into my Chinese take away, I watched FBI files about the 1996 Atlanta Olympic bombings. I had heard about it but not known much about it really, probably due to the year being an unfriendly one for us. It was truly amazing to watch how the FBI forensically dissected the remains of bombs and could tell so much from the residue left. I am pleased that even though it took them many years they finally caught him. As for today’s dinner we have a roast turkey sitting in the oven as I speak, cooking gently. It’ll soon be time to put the roast potatoes in… I am most looking forward to the dinner. Is it roast for you today? Here is a picture of the Easter cake my daughter made that has kept Cadbury’s in business for the year (truly she has put more chocolate in, around and in the cake than Cadbury’s could supply), in a word a diabetic nightmare.  🙂
Naomi's Chocolate-chocolate-chocolate- and more chocolate cake
Happy Easter everyone!
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2 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. Awww…you are too sweet! I think you are a very interesting person and lead such an interesting life – I mean, you didn’t even have Reese’s till Halloween for gosh sakes! It’s mine and Pam’s job to show you the joys of being an American and it’s your job to show us what its like to live in a place where everyone has healthcare and what it’s like to be a proper Englishman! : ) I love that cake – it’s beautiful! You have had lunch by now and are probably in napping now. We are having spiraled ham, deviled eggs, old fashioned potato salad, baked beans and I made cookies, chess and also chocolate pies, and a strawberry shortcake roulade! Yep, I cooked it all this year. The boys are coming and they are eating machines – and Rocket is an eating machine in training. It’s our first year to have Rocket at Easter and he has the cutest pictures! Go to my personal FB page Kelli Davidson and send me a friend request. When I agree you can see his picture all dressed up in his Easter suit. I have lots of more personal pictures and comments on that page and you and your family are friends now! Pam is my friend too. I look forward to seeing the request! I’m off to turn the ham!!

  2. Happy Easter! You and your family are in my thoughts as this anniversary approaches. It never gets easier, does it?

    Your dinner sounds pretty amazing, though! I could go for some turkey! We had ham, cheesy potatoes, green bean bundles, rolls, and lemon pound cake yesterday. We celebrated a day early because we wouldn’t have had time today. I’m glad we did, too, because my annoying stuffy nose from yesterday was a lot worse today! So, I took the opportunity to sleep in and be lazy. We had chicken and rice soup for dinner!

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