An Idiot but not abroad!

I’ve not seen the TV programme ‘an idiot abroad’, but I reckon they may well have based it on me! I recently placed an order online for a couple of items, which I was convinced I had ‘clicked’ for delivery. I got an email and I ‘read i’ (yeah right), and still didn’t cotton on. Then a few days later I get an email saying my items have been delivered. I knew they hadn’t, after all I had been in all day. So I promptly sat down and composed an email sparing no blushes to the company, who soon rung back. “Our records” they begun “show that your order had been arranged for a store collection”. “Oh” I said I re-read the email I had summoned up. And true enough the order had gone through with store collection. So humble and pie were eaten.

We collected the items one of which was a saucepan rack. Easy enough to put together for even me really, except it wasn’t. I somehow managed to take a good slice from my thumb with the spanner! As blood poured from the gash, my wife asked if I needed a plaster. “No, I’m fine” I said pressing some tissue firmly on it. Having the patience of a squashed ant, I carried on fixing the rack together, but of course the more I Moved it the more it bled. I eventually ended up completing it, but was saddened by the fact we were one nut short of completion, but being thrifty, I soon sorted that – I left it (lol).

Add to this I made a purchase from ebay recently for some disposable gloves. I ordered size xl or so I thought. When they came they were missing the x from the size. And when I cleaned the oven the other day I tried to put some on and they were more like small! But at least I haven’t quite done what my mother did when I was young, she made a meat pie with sweet pastry, and when I had an upset stomach she gave me baking powder instead of Andrews. I guess memory cells lack somewhat in our family judging by this…


Until next time take care


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This is my old mum, she is 84 this year

This is my old mum, she is 84 this year and her health has gone right down hill


One thought on “An Idiot but not abroad!

  1. Love the Pix of your Mum! I bet she was as perky as you in her day. Hey! Be careful of cutting your fingers – As a diabetic you know that can turn into a very bad thing very quickly!! Love to see your posts! Happy Spring!

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