It’s been about six or seven weeks since my last post, and time has slipped by at a tremendous rate. So what has been happening since my last post…

I’ve had several diabetic hospital appointments to start with, good news is that my hb1ac has come down slightly and my day time blood sugars seem to be doing pretty well too. On the downside my morning blood sugars remain high, and the nerve pain down my arm has returned. This is my own silly fault possibly, because I ran out of medication for two weeks (I don’t know how), and in this time the tingling down my arm started. I have now begun to take the medication again so fingers crossed the tingling will stop. Additionally, with regards to my stump – it has started bleeding again and I have a major sore on my knee. I really do need to get to the hospital, but getting there is difficult as I need help when going out.

On a bright side Mim and I had a nice short break away in Birmingham for four nights. On our first day the winds blew and the snow fell and it was freezing cold. So cold in fact that after a short venture out to explore a bit we stayed in the hotel! We has a trip to the theatre and cinema. We saw the phantom of the opera (theatre) and side effects at the cinema. Both were enjoyed. Luckily the weather warmed slightly and we were able to venture out (albeit it with many ‘tea stops’) and explore the local area. We stayed in the Premier Inn hotel in Waterloo road, and being a cheap hotel was surprised by the cleanliness, food standard, and staff friendliness. Well worth the money in my opinion.

And our youngest grand-daughter Lily-May has stared pre-school. She’s only two, and pretty shy at the moment, I am hoping and praying she soon makes friends..

Oh yes we also had a trip with all three grand children to a wildlife park which was also a fantastic day out, and we had a really good day weather wise too. The grand children loved the train ride (about ten minutes) and the animals, but most of all they seemed to like playing on the ‘padded park’ inside the cafe area most.


Bull ring shopping mall Birmingham


Victoria square (?) Birmingham


Canal Birmingham

Take care

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  1. Hey there! It’s been such a long time – I’m glad to know you are okay although what in the heck are you thinking by not taking your meds?!?! It’s not like they are an option for you. It sounds like you had a lovely time with the grandchildren – and on a trip with the wife. I didn’t know it snowed in the UK! Of course that’s because I’m an American and we know nothing about geography! 🙂 Don’t wait so long in between posts next time!! Nice to see your voice!

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