Its all white now

We woke up to a sprinkling of snow this morning, and it has been snowing on and off for the rest of the day. But for the last few hours the snow has been more like ‘blizzard’ style (without the strong winds). Now for many snow is a horrid weather that they want to avoid, and understandably so too. In fact I am one of those people to a point. I never go out in the snow, as it is simply too difficult for anyone to push me in a manual wheelchair or too treacherous for electric mobility aids. So I stay in and watch the snow fall, which I admit I love! There is something about snow making everything white that is lovely (see pictures below)

I finally got my second appointment for the hospital (diabetes), and once again they gave me a day I couldn’t make – despite informing them of days. So I rung up and rearranged to a time suited to me. I now have to wait until March, for my December appointment. Am I being picky? No, I just need someone to help me go to the hospital and they were the only days I could get the help.

Over Christmas and new year I gained a few pound in weight. So this week sees us collectively as a household beginning to try to lose weight (note the try bit). Friday we had sea bass and cous cous, which I thoroughly enjoyed  – I love sea bass. This time I did it in the oven (as stated) rather than doing the normal grilling. And to be honest while I still thoroughly enjoyed it, the flavour is much better when grilled. On Sunday we lapsed (due to having it in) with a roast chicken dinner, and tonight is the turn of  roasted Salmon in a herb sauce (daughter cooking), new potatoes, broccoli and asparagus. As I have rarely had asparagus I have forgotten if I like it or not (only had it once before due to expense anyway). In fact we’re not even sure how to cook it, my daughter thinks she needs to either boil or griddle. Thank goodness for the internet where this sort of information is so freely available.

Fudge and Lily-May in field at back of house

Fudge and Lily-May in field at back of house


The snowy pond at the fields behind our house

The snowy pond at the fields behind our house


Stay safe

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5 thoughts on “Its all white now

  1. I’m going to assume that you’ve cooked the asparagus already, but I’ll tell you my method anyway! I love asparagus! I can get a pretty awesome price on it when it’s in season here. I’m thinking about trying to grow my own this year, too.

    Anyway, marinate it in some olive oil, salt, pepper, and parmesan cheese. Then, you can either grill it for 8 minutes (~4 on each side) or bake it for about 12, flipping half way through. I could eat a whole package of it in one sitting. It’s amazing! Haha.

    • She had cooked it. Th e instructions were on the inside of the packet, saying boil for five minutes. They had a slight crunch, and tasted of ‘nothing’ really. I suspect your way of cooking them would have enhanced the flavour, one to bear in mind for future eatings. Thanks Pam

  2. We used to grow our own asparagus in our substantial garden when I was a girl. In my state, it starts popping through the ground in April. We would always steam it with butter and lemon – and a sprinkling of parmesan cheese. The pictures are wonderful and the view to the pond is just lovely!

    • Thanks Kelli! The instructions were on the inside of the packet, and she ended up boiling them for five minutes,. I thought the first one was OK, but then they seem to ‘lose’ their taste, and were ‘boring’. Pam suggested Marinating and grilling, which sounds a better plain to me

      • yep, pam is right, marinating is very good! And you want really small stalks with the tops “closed” so they are considered “young” – and you also want to cut the woody or tough bottom off.

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