I feel like live in a different house

With all the decorations and cards down now, it feels like a different house I live in. Truly, taking the cards and decorations down really does make such a difference: More space, less clutter, and a seemingly brighter room. So now as I sit and look around the newly brighter room, listening to a nice bit of Leona Lewis,  (Glass heart album) I’m definitely in a better frame of mind!  The information I was expecting has arrived, a contact from some dear friends, and the promise of longer days all helped.

So I’ve decided to make my infamous chocolate cheesecake (Mainly because I have a part pack of biscuits and two tubs of chocolate Philadelphia to use. It’ll be just the ticket after our meal of home-made vegetable lasagna tonight. My daughter made it a week or so back and we froze it, I am hoping it will be edible as I have never frozen a vegetable lasagna before, it won’t be all soggy and inedible surely?

The TV is pretty good at the moment too, with new series starting all the time (or so it seems), we quite like dancing on ice (from which Pamela Anderson was evicted last night). Additionally there have been some of my more morbid fascination – true murders. It fascinates me how a person can actually kill another. And of course I also love Murder she wrote which is far less gruesome. And a new series to me has caught my eye is BBC’s Nature’s Weirdest Events: In the programme, they take a look at the strange and bizarre happenings around the world, from the ocean turning to foam to the biblical plague of critters, and fish falling from the sky, not to mention huge lumps of ice falling from the sky! It’s got me hooked, but alas the last episode has been taped on my PVR and I just hope the BBC have the sense to commission a new series. Have look at this video about a plague of mice

Best wishes to you all

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5 thoughts on “I feel like live in a different house

  1. My house feels completely different, too! It feels empty to me, but I’ll fix that soon enough. I usually reserve my door for a holiday wreath and my mantle for holiday decorations. I have nothing to put up that isn’t connected to one holiday or another. We just moved here from a tiny apartment… so I’m slowly getting decorations. That’s why it feels empty in here!

    I think that show about Nature would be amazing! I wonder if we have anything like that over here!

  2. Yep, bring on Spring I say! We took down our tree on Christmas Day! We don’t have Dancing on Ice here but my mom would love that! So, Pam Anderson was evicted last night? I must tell my husband. That’s his TV girlfriend……MY TV boyfriend is Vincent D’onofrio – he used to be on Law and Order: Criminal Intent. I love murder shows too! I watch them all day on Sunday afternoons here – they are the narrated re-enactment true stories. My husband seems bothered by that – 😉 I’m glad you are in a better state of mind now. When I was reading about your recipe I kept asking myself how biscuits could possibly be in cheesecake?!?! Then I realized y’all say biscuits and we say cookies! 🙂

    • Lol Kelli! Yeah Biscuit = Cookies, I keep forgetting we speak different languages…. It’d worry me if I came to USA and went in a shop to buy trousers and the assistant said “What size pants are you”? 🙂 I must admit I always used to like Pamela Anderson in Bay watch, but for some reason I didn’t take to her in the skating show… We watch Law and Order UK its great, not heard about criminal intend. But I am into FBI case files

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