Happy New Year!

happy 2013

Well that is Christmas all done and dusted for another year! And on the eve of a new year I would like to wish all my friends on COAD a very Happy, Peaceful, Healthy, & Prosperous New Year!  I hope you all have a very enjoyable evening doing exactly what you want, whether that is celebrating, having an early night, or having a few quiet drinks at home.

My diabetes surprisingly seems to been slightly better under control, no thanks to the hospital! I had an appointment for December sent through, which I couldn’t make and asked to re-book. However, I still have yet to hear. I sometimes think I am the most impatience person in the world! So I’ll give it another few weeks and then chase it up.

Did everyone have a good Christmas? Anyone over eat? Did you get what you put on your list to Santa? I was very lucky, and got some Angry bird goodies, clothes, smelly’s and a new digital camera (and a case as a separate gift). I was very happy with my gifts, even the more slightly ‘unusual ones’. Our friends sent some straws with moustaches attached for example and suggested photographic evidence would be required! 🙂 We had a lovely time with our grand children, and families. But I can’t believe how quickly it went!

I’ve just posted a recipe for Campbell’s soup Can-Cakes, see here for recipe

Again on closing have a happy and safe New Year Everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New year! Wow – you got a pretty big haul from the jolly bearded one, didn’t you? We had a very nice Christmas but I’m very happy that it is over – whew! Today, I am making pizza dough and cinnamon rolls and the hubs is seeing just how long he can nap this afternoon. Of course, it is about 8PM there so soon you will be celebrating the new year. it’s only 2 in the afternoon here. I love a cake in the can!! I’m going over to see the recipe. My mom used to make them in the slow cooker/crock pot – I’m not sure what y’all call them. Anyway, glad your diabetes is somewhat under control! Take care and hope to see another post from you soon!!

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