It’s been a while…

Since I last made a post on here; actually my last post was two weeks or so ago on the 5th November! So as I have found a bit of time, I thought I’d make a post to update everyone on what is happening!

Health is something that you never should take for granted, that I am now 100% sure – take care of your health, go for check ups as and when needed. I say this because Miss A* (aged 24) is currently under-going tests for a condition that is usually associated with more mature ladies, a disease that if not caught early can prove fatal, I talk of cervical cancer. She has all the symptoms but our GP surgery refuses to do the smear because she is too young, and  says she needs to go to hospital for one! She is seeing the doctor this afternoon on an urgent appointment as she may need an urgent hospital referral.

Add to this our family has been split by a recent argument, by someone in our past. I am unable to go into detail, but it is a big things that if mends at all will take a very long time. Additionally our own parents are weakening and growing more frail, so as you can see the last few weeks have been something of a nightmare (and continue to be).

I must admit I have been pretty down over this time, my brain telling me I have to be strong for my daughter whilst my body seems to be growing weak and tired. I will of course maintain my out-going persona for the family, but inside I too am struggling



*Miss A will become known once the tests are over, she is a very close relative



7 thoughts on “It’s been a while…

  1. Gosh Dave, you’ve got your hands full right now. I wish your daughter the best of all outcomes. I’m sorry that her physician is unwilling to do that pap smear/biopsy. I can’t believe he thinks she’s too young to have one. That’s almost archaic – no, that IS archaic! In the U.S. tomorrow is Thanksgiving which is the middle of our holiday season and in America, it is tradition to have a family argument at the holidays in most families. I wish everyone on your side of the pond the best sir, as I’ve grown very fond of you and your family. I miss reading your posts!

  2. Oh no! I’m keeping your whole family in my thoughts!! I hope your daughter can get the care she needs! Doctors are.. well, stupid sometimes. Doctors will do them here starting at 16, and you’re supposed to have them done one a year starting when you become ‘active’ or 18, whichever comes first. So it boggles my mind that 24 is thought of as too young!

    I’ve been waiting on my ultrasound results because my doctor thinks I might have uterine cancer at 30! So, yeah, I kinda know what your daughter is going through. It’s hard, but this is why regular screening is important!

    • Hi Pam, screening officially starts here at the age of 25, as it is considered very rare for young women to have cervical cancer. There have been many campaigns and one by a ‘celebrity’ (Jade Goody) who died very young leaving young children. Our Governing body for health Nice says screening for under 25 isn’t value for money… Silly as I think it can be ‘caught’ at any age if as you say they are ‘active’

    • Hi Kelli! Thanks for the post, only just popped over to check! I am pleased to say my daughter doesn’t have cancer, and is now slowly getting better. The other ‘family issue’ shows no signs of healing, and only deepening. I will hopefully be able to make posts again soon…. Thank you (and Pam) for caring!

      • well, we both doo ya know and since you didn’t say you were going to stop posting, we wanted to make sure you hadn’t fallen off the face of the earth! we will look forward to a post whenever you are able to make one sometime down the road. Kelli

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