Fireworks, sore legs, and James Bond!

OK I got over Halloween with no trouble, and only one bunch of over aged idiots trying to con me out of a few sweets! I mean as if the greying hair, wrinkles and dark clothing wasn’t enough to give them away! I’m no fool, they had even shrunk with age too.

Tonight here in the UK we have ‘Guy Fawkes night’. Another dreaded thing, not because I dislike fireworks in particular – but because my dog refuses to go into the garden to relieve herself at any cost when there is banging and lightning in the sky. And as they generally don’t stop until midnight, she’ll often wake us up about 2 or 3 am wanting to go out! Not good, especially when one is finally off to sleep!  Of course if it were only one night it wouldn’t be quite so bad, but they started a few night back and will go on until next weekend… Poor Fudge (dog)

Way back in March I started having a sore stump, which was bleeding. It still is as it happens, but now they seem to be having trouble getting my prescription for the dressings. One dressing Inadine has been recalled and I have not had it for a month now, luckily the pharmacist recommended another dressing to replace it. My other dressing Allevyn, also seems to be in short supply.

After a hospital appointment on Monday my son and I went to see ‘Skyfall’, the new James Bond film, and have to say it was brilliant! My only problem is poor old ‘M’, why is the only thing I can ask? The film which sees the popular Craig Daniel return as 007 starts with an action packed scene on a train in Turkey and ends with guns, death, and fire in Scotland! Well worth watching.

Take care


2 thoughts on “Fireworks, sore legs, and James Bond!

  1. Sounds like you had a good time at the movie at least! My doggies are not fans of fireworks either and like you, on Independence Day, it starts several days before – and often goes several days after too. I’m not sure I completely understand socialist medicine but it must be awful to wait for a prescription to be filled! I sure hope you get that dressing you need soon –

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