Tomorrow is Halloween and with many children knocking on doors this time of year I was happy to read a poster in a local shop recently that went something like: “Parent’s, if it wasn’t Halloween would you let your child knock on a stranger’s door?” Most if not all would answer no, so what’s different about Halloween?

Moaning aside Halloween has only recently become popular in the UK in the last few decades, when my children were growing up it was vastly unheard of, now it seems the normal and as much as I dislike to be a killjoy – I dislike it. Imagine, there I am trying to sit in peace for a few hours with my wife (a very rare few hours) and then there is knock, “Trick or treat” seven children shout at me as I open the door. Giving them some sweets I return to the comfort and warmth of my front room and commence watching the TV, when…. You’ve guessed it a knock at the door, only this time there are ten children! And so the evening goes on, with every knock the dog barks, my blood pressure goes up, and my patience thins. I guess you could call me an old misery, but for many people (particularly elderly) it is an issue.

So to survive a Halloween night you should 1) Pretend you aren’t in & 2) Never open the door. Both of which I will disobey, and I will delve into the tin of sweets purchased and hand them out to the witches and ghosts that stand on my step! See, I may be grumpy, I may moan, but I’ll still give…


5 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. Here in the states, at least in my area, you turn your porch light on if you’re participating in trick or treating. If you don’t wish to be bothered, you just leave your light off. It works out pretty well 😀

  2. I think Dave that the problem is that YOU didn’t trick or treat and since you didn’t, you aren’t reliving the joy every time the kids open the door and you are able to see the cute costumes and remember what it was like to get chocolate candy instead of non-chocolate. When I was a kid my friends from the neighborhood and I could run through the night in our costumes and trick or treat all by ourselves. It’s not that way now but my husband and I are already anticipating tomorrow night when we will get to see all kinds of ghosts, goblins, and princesses. Some years we give out candy, some years we give out bags of microwave mini-popcorn, and last year (mostly because American children seem to be allergic to everything) we went to a big box store and got a huge bag of plastic spiders, worms, bats etc… and gave those out – those were the most popular and then the popcorn. Candy was last because everyone gives that out. Honestly, we spend the evening talking about what costumes we wore as kids, where we went, and what kind of treats we got – lots of homemade ones and fruit in those days. So – Halloween is about memories of past ones I think and that’s what makes it more exciting. At least for us! Uh, Dave – Trick or Treat! 🙂 Just wanted to say it first.

      • I didn’t think of it like that till I got older and started handing out candy with my mom and dad who talked about what THEY did – like tipping cows and outhouses……that night used to be a vandals paradise in the 40’s and 50’s! 🙂

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