Growing older…

I remember my mother in the ‘not so long ago’ times. She was popular, hard-working, and a typical mother of two boys. However, 1996 happened and my dad died (along with my accident), and so the downfall of my mother began. I totally blame the death of my father, until his death she had someone who ‘needed her’. That isn’t to say, me and my brother stopped needing or loving her, but we did have our own families to concentrate. My mother stayed with us for months after my Dad’s death, we took her on holidays, but gradually we see a different Mum.

She was in time diagnosed with Parkinson disease, and was moved to a 24/7 care home – which looked after mainly dementia patients, although other types of ‘heavier’ patients were also permitted. It was being placed in this particular home that expedited her down turn. Now my mother lies in a bed, she hardly communicates with me, and sometimes doesn’t even recognize me. It can be difficult to visit at times, but I do clinging to the hope she will be one day ‘my old mum’.

I must have her genes though, because my mum doesn’t really look the 83 years she is.  And three times in the last week and a half  I have been told by different people that I haven’t aged. I jokingly tell them  I’m lucky enough to have a good store of fat that fills my face out to look younger…


7 thoughts on “Growing older…

  1. Sorry to hear about your mom. I went through that with my grandmother, and it’s never easy. My thoughts are with you guys.

    I’m only 29, so I shouldn’t be showing signs of aging yet anyway, but I hear that I look younger than I am all the time. Most recently, I heard that I looked 12, haha. I guess this will come in handy as I age.

  2. Watching your parent decline is very difficult Dave, I know – I watch my dad die for 2 and 1/2 years. I’m sorry and I already know there is nothing I can say that will make it better. all I can say is I’m here for ya!

  3. its sad isnt it when those we love deteriorate to such an extent. my own parents have grown old and both have suffered ill health. my dad had cancer my mum heart problems. good luck

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