As blood would have it…

Yesterday I visited the doctors for a routine blood test, as usual a wasted time was had – because the two ‘blood takers’ couldn’t extract any red fluid from me. And so I was sent away and told to come back today. The nurse said “Make sure you drink plenty of water and keep warm! “. For a start I don’t really do ‘water’, I do tea! Secondly, try telling my body to stay warm or cool down. My body thermostat went wrong ages ago, and now I’m usually either cold or hot – rarely am I just OK…

Anyhow I got the surgery having NOT drunk water, and freezing from the outside weather. luckily she was running late (surprise surprise), and by the time my name was called, I was sweating buckets (Literally).  She then promptly sat me down and began to prod and poke my arm (which still had bruising and holes from yesterday’s efforts), and then ‘Bend your arm’, ‘Straighten your arm’, and ‘clench your fist’ (that didn’t take too much effort by this time). And then ‘Ouch’ I heard shouting, and then realised the word had escaped from my lips. “Did that hurt, I’m sorry”. “Actually, no it didn’t I just like shouting ouch for no reason’ I felt I should have replied. Failing miserably, she grabbed a pillow and shoved my arm on to it, and gave the commands again. And as she pushed the sharp needle through my skin and popped on the tube I was pleased to see the tube begin to fill with dark red fluid – yes she had struck gold (not literally of course).

And then after a brief time in town I got home and see I had four missed phone calls, no messages just hung up missed calls, from a number I didn’t recognize. And then the phone went again, by the time I got to the phone the caller had hung up. And then my daughter came in and the phone went again, she answered it and got no reply. By now I nearing the mood of ‘don’t bother answering’. But as it rung once more I managed to get to the phone – only to discover it was my aunt who had recently moved from London after 80 years plus of living in the capital, 50 of them in the same house! She was ringing to inform me of her new address. I made a few apologies of course…

So I will close wishing you all a very happy and safe (and hopefully as long as 48 hours can be)


2 thoughts on “As blood would have it…

  1. wow! Phlebotomists are pretty brazen over there! My mom was a med tech (lab tech) in a pathology lab for 40 years so – If they start “looking” for veins instead of feeling for them, I tell them to stop. They get 2 tries and then we want to go to someone else who has better skill. That’s it, period. I have big fat veins that do not roll so there is no reason for knots, bruising, infiltrating – anything really. Those, like you, with more fragile veins have more to worry about however, they are not taking their time and actually finding a vein in you and then GENTLY inserting the arm to extract the blood. I’m not sure about socialized medicine but if you can – give them 2 tries and then ask for someone better!!

  2. Thanks for the comment Kelli! I’m definitely not giving my blood up easily, and even in the hospital a doctor gave me a femoral stab, another nurse suggested they take it from the wrist (I refused this one though), another doctor said we’ll have to try the foot (luckily I still have one lol). It’s a nightmare most of the time. And yet other times they can and do get it first time, shame about the other 95% of the time. My wife is so used to me taking so long having bloods that she now takes a magazine to sit and read…

    I must admit they generally do try a couple times before they then get someone ‘more experienced’, but even a lot of them have difficulty…Hope you are well?

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