Flu Jab time… and bits

It’s the not  so nice, and not so healthy time of the year coming in around us! With day light hours shortening, days getting colder, it can only mean one thing – winter is on its way! And with the darkened days, the chilly winds and the never ending rain (I’m assuming) comes the risk of catching bugs and viruses. Cold viruses, flu viruses all do the rounds more in the winter as peoples immune systems reduce through lack of vitamin D from the sunshine. Luckily as a diabetic my flu jab is free for me, but even if it wasn’t I think I would still pay the £8 at our local supermarket to get it done (as my wife did this morning). And now for something completely different…

I received an email this morning from ‘the other side of the pond’ from a member on http://www.ezcookingonline.com where I am an admin. The email was most welcome as it was offering some help our the monthly newsletters I co-edit. The part being volunteered was on our health slot, which was being offered by a retired nurse – great result I thought, particularly as I tended to struggle with that particular part of the newsletter.

And now to my friends and readers over in the USA, I am pleased (no very pleased) to report that Reeses peanut butter chocolatey things have landed in supermarkets, and are indeed HALF PRICE at the moment in Sansbury’s AND Waitrose! So being the bargain hunter I am I snapped up a few at both stores! Especially, when you consider the same products are on sale in a shopping centre a few miles away at £1.49 and I was paying just 29p!

There is something about the chocolate and peanut butter combining that makes them almost too irresistible  and I am sure that if I wasn’t diabetic I would have gained more than a few pounds while they are on offer


Take care and thanks for popping over, please do leave a comment if you have time




One thought on “Flu Jab time… and bits

  1. Reese’s ARE my favorite! I love it especially in ice cream!! You are lucky that you get the free flu shot – I also get mine for free because I work with the public in the government, but mom’s costs $25 however, we will get it because it would make her very sick otherwise. I can’t believe Reese’s were 1/2 price – you should go back and get more!!!:)

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