Likes and dislikes

I’m not going to state family and friends because that is obvious; without my friends and family I wouldn’t be here. Recovering from an ordeal like I did back in the Annus horribilis of 1996, would have been impossible without my wife, children, mother, family and friends. So I am not distancing myself when I do not include them, I just recognise them as that little bit more special…

  1. At number 1 and most important is music! I could not function without listening to some music wherever it may be. I might not be able play any music (with the exception of a tiny piece of happy birthday on the piano), but I most certainly enjoy listening. I love all sorts, though R n B, Soul music is my prefered choice.
  2. Food! Apart from the fact you’d die without food I love eating! I know what I like and I like what I know, I have a string of my late Dad in me when it comes to food and being non-adventurous. But on the other hand my mother was a bit more adventurous and would try new things. I will try new things to a point. But I wouldn’t knowingly eat a mega hot chilli or curry, or snails, or insects.
  3. Drink. My mother informed me (when she was able to) that I had always been a thirsty child, and nothing has changed on that front. I still love to have a drink in my hand (not that it is there very long), I’m not an alcohol drinker so my drinks are tea, cola etc.
  4. The internet. I know I used to live quite happily without it before it was brought to our knowledge, but in truth I would rather become a childminder than live without the internet. I get very frustrated when my connection drops and I’m at a loss. I enter a lot of competitions, write emails, visits websites and of course Facebook where I play games and do various things. I remember the days when TV went off at midnight, not to mention only having three (yes 3) channels. No games console like Wii and Xbox or Playstation, the best I recall in my late teens was a black screen with two bats and a ball bouncing between them.
  5. My Mobility scooter. Ok it’s a thing I have only recently needed (since my Annus horribilis), but it gets me around (well almost, but that’s another story).
  6. Central heating.When we first got married, for many years we had one gas fire in our living room the rest of the house was freezing, quite literally too – I recall our flannel used to freeze in really bad weather in the bathroom. We all had hot water bottles, and even invested in an electric blanket. Then some years on, the council put in central heating and we had luxury! And when they put in cavity wall insulation and loft insulation – we were in heaven. I could always warm myself now on Mrs Dave, as she continues through her menopause.

As for the things I could easily live without

  • Loud people and noises! Boy oh boy do loud people with ideas of grandeur drive me mad. Similarly people who care only for themselves, and play music extremely loudly to the annoyance of others
  • Mobile phones. Remember when we all had landlines, with a wire attached? A seat and a telephone book sat on the table by the stall. But those days are gone, and now everything is mobile, and although the mobile phone does drive me crazy, it is also a lifeline to some.
  • Bad parkers. Talk about car drivers and people who park with no consideration for anyone else, and my blood boils. I have lost count of the times I have had words with drivers as they insist on parking their cars on pavements!
  • MP’s. Another subject which winds me up chronically. Our MP’s get paid a decent wedge, and still claim expenses. They then dictate to us what we can and can’t do. Is that freedom? I think not. Major decisions about our country should be done be referendum, and not a few overpaid idiots  (MP is a Member of Parliament)
  • Abuse and bullying. I hated school for bullying, and think that has instilled my hatred of any kind of abuse or torment. What makes someone think they are better than someone else, and have a right to make someone elses life a misery because they are different, have different opinions, or sound different?

This is a selection of my likes and dislikes


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