Long time no see

Well it has been a while since my real last blog, and what a lot has happened in that time too. Firstly, we had our holiday – which was great, warm, and sunny (apart from a day or two). Then the saga of the ceiling continues! They removed the asbestos one day, put the ceiling up the next, coving went up a few days later and finally this week (after picking the wallpaper), they started decorating. Stripping wallpaper usually takes us an age, but this one guy (who is very good albeit chatty) managed to strip it in one day AND paint the ceiling too! As I speak he is now finishing the wall-papering… Then we had to pick some new carpet for the stairs and landing, which is now ready to be laid. Our plans to decorate is out the window at the present moment in time. I am at a loss to where the time is going, it just seems to be vanishing.

We looked after our grandchildren at the weekend, and as normal they kept us on our feet with their endless bursts of energy. But as we sat eating our Chinese on Saturday evening our middle grandchild Chloe remained awake until about 10pm, next morning she was awake about 6am. In the evening just as she was going home, she began to cry and didn’t stop crying until she was physically sick. Such a shame, but I think she was so tired she just got ‘over tired’ . But are you like me, when someone is sick you automatically feel that way too?

And to crown it all I am currently housebound due to the council digging up the pathways and relaying them outside our house. I couldn’t get into my house the other day so we had to ask for a roller to be moved, and left my scooter in the front garden – not pleased!

Hopefully things will start to slow down a bit

Take care


One thought on “Long time no see

  1. Whew! Sounds like a really busy time for you! Grandkids seem to want to stay awake forever sometimes! 🙂 We had Rocket this weekend and he got up twice in the night – and apparently that’s good since his mom and dad say he’s usually up 5 or so times per night! I’ll be glad you’ll be back to normal soon – and back to regular writing!!

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