My hospital visit…

Monday saw me visit the hospital and despite the extremely packed waiting room, and people complaining they had been waiting for hours, I was seen pretty much on time. My doctor said along the lines of “Well done on what you have done so far, but we still have work to do”. I sat thinking to myself “What exactly have I done?” He then made a suggestion that I split my night-time insulin in half, and took half in the morning while keeping half at night. I was also told to keep monitoring  my blood sugars, but more prior to meals as this is more helpful to them. So as the doctor said his goodbyes, he told me to go and see a DSN (Diabetic Specialist Nurse).

She was in fact the very nurse that had seen me through my diagnosis some 15 years or so ago. After chatting she said she would ring next week, to which I replied I would be away. “Have you got a letter” She asked? “No, I just use my repeat prescription form”, she promptly left the room and come rushing back with a letter (which would have cost about £20 at the doctors). Then as she sat down she asked “Do you have the dosage cards for emergencies”? Again I replied “No”. Up she got off did trot, and once again came back with two shiny new credit cards sized cards showing my insulin – I just had to write on them. Once again she said “Oh I know, I should have got you one of the insulin care – line cards” So up she got again and off did trot”. By the time she came back I was feeling shattered, from just watching her”.  “What do you do when you have a hypo”? was the next question. I replied “I have two jelly babies” “Why two?” “Because that is what the previous dietician had told me” “Oh OK”. After that we had a chat and she told me to go in the waiting room again, to wait for the Dietician!

The Dietician called me within 5 minutes, and again we wandered off the same room I had been in with the DSN. Again we had a chat and she informed me to buy a book which I did when I got home, about carb counting. Prior to the meeting I was sure it would be a nightmare, but she made it sound oh so simple. She reinforced what the doctor had said. She then informed me that she would ring me on Friday to discuss my readings and see if anything needed altering.

And that was about it…



2 thoughts on “My hospital visit…

  1. Being seen in the ER quickly is almost impossible here so kudos on that! I’m not familiar with letters and cards but, I do know what it’s like to have to pay for a letter that says XYZ and it really ticks me off so – good on you! Looks like you are taking care of yourself correctly and that’s always a big accomplishment! Wow! Watching ABC World News This morning and they are showing Chris Tangey from AUS who captured a fire tornado where you are having awful wildfires in the outback. Here in Oklahoma we are used to all kinds of tornadoes but I’ve never seen one of fire! It was beautiful and scary at the same time. Hope y’all get the fires out soon!

  2. Thanks for commenting Kelli! I live in the UK, and haven’t heard about the bush fires – dreadful news… I guess we’re lucky here in England we rarely have anything as bad as other places do

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