Dentist again and topless Duchess

Another trip to one of my most dreaded places this morning, in just half and hour or so I will going to the dentist! I must admit the fear that I once had has luckily subsided, and my nerves seem to have calmed slightly. My main problem with today’s visit is that I have got to pay £48! Yes after causing me grief for ages they have the nerve to charge as well! Still I shouldn’t grumble they did make me better after my dreadful abscess!

Also this morning here in the UK the headlines are full of Kate (Duchess of Cambridge) Prince Williams wife, being photographed topless while on holiday in France with her husband. A French publication has felt it OK to publish pictures of her topless. I think the press should leave them alone, they are a young couple still in early days of marriage and let’s face it plenty of women go topless these days – just most don’t end up on the news headlines. The poor girl must be devastated, what will the Queen think is probably among her thoughts. Has she let her down? No Kate, fear not the British public are behind you, and this moronic publication should apologise and be fined heavily.  I mean had she been doing something illegal then yes pry and tell, but the poor girl was enjoying  holiday with her husband in private! I guess the Queen might borrow Queen Victoria’s words: “We are not amused”, but she’ll get over it because she is actually a very modern Queen!

The countdown to our holiday has begun, just eight more sleeps to go…

Take care



2 thoughts on “Dentist again and topless Duchess

  1. You had an abcess and most likely a root canal and crown – and they charged you 48 pounds? Wow! Dave, you can smile and relax. In this country that costs about $1,100! Of course we have insurance and so it only cost my husband $350, but still…..that takes the sting out of the big @$$ed needle, don’t you think? As for the topless pictures of Kate. You are so correct. They are a young couple and on a private holiday – I shudder to think what would happen had I ever been held responsible for some of the things I did as a young woman. I think I remember them taking some pictures of Sarah Ferguson years ago that were similiar – of course she was still married to the Prince and was with another man. Even that wasn’t really all that scandalous to me, but the British seem to be as puritanical as Americans sometimes! Good luck at the dentist! I always get the nasal cannula with laughing gas – it sure helps!!

  2. Hi Kelli, How are you? The dentist trip was worse than the previous one where he drilled the hole. Not for pain or anything, but simply because he kept dropping this horrid tastings stuff on my mouth that hit the back of my throat and made me gag, I had to sit up and take a rinse – he wasn’t impressed! Wow, I did a quick check about the $1,100 and it said it is about £680 Blimey I shan’t complain again about the price (well until next time lol) More recently I remember Sarah Ferguson being in trouble with a British newspaper for selling her connection with her ex-husband. I think that is more worthy news than a young married couple who happens to go topless on a private holiday, I wonder if they learned nothing from the scandal of the sun over here… Take care Kelli and thanks for commenting

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