My goodness me where has the time gone? I seem to have been busy with this, busy with that, and time has zoomed by so quickly I now have less than two weeks for my holiday. And while I am mostly prepared we still need a few things to complete. So what exactly has been keeping us busy?

Firstly grand children, as anyone over a certain age with grand children will know they can be tiring. Well my delightful three go beyond that – they are exhausting – either that or I am just plain too old (and I doubt that somehow lol). So with our weekends taken up with that task, as to the weekdays with our youngest grand child. Additionally Mrs Dave has been working overtime thus I am alone with Lily a little extra

Then as you may remember we had a leak from the toilet into the kitchen which resulted in an insurance claim, this was immediately pretty quickly dealt with. But as we had asbestos in the ceiling things took a turn for the worse. We now have until October the 1st for the specialists to come in and remove the ‘potentially deadly ceiling’. Then the following day they replace it. So that took a while to sort out, and in fact yesterday was the day when we  finally agreed on a date.

Then came the carpet, as it was an insurance claim they told us what we needed to spend on a new carpet, and we HAD to spend that amount. Well by the time the guy came to measure, after we had scanned the website to pick three choices for which he brought samples. As he sat there the look of confusion came across his face when I stated that actually the insurance company had already paid us. This through him completely and he rung the store to ask what to do. It was decided to put it through as a normal sale – which he did. But then the problem was that none of the carpets we had picked would come to the amount the insurance company had said it must. So we opted for some new runners and extras to bring the price up. Add some personal matters and the days have flown by.

Yesterday we took all three grand children on a picnic over the park at the back of our house. They had a great time, while I was ducking and diving trying to avoid the pesky flies that decided I was highly attractive (oddly I have never had that effect on people). So while everyone was enjoying the rolls, crisps cakes etc I was literally keeping my beady eye on the masses of flies hovering above my head! Then I had a thought, use the rubbish bag and whack them with it, it’ll knock them out or at least scatter them. My idea failed miserably and I swear that the swarm increased by double!

But I survived and remain to tell the tale…

Take care


One thought on “Time!

  1. Interesting! So you MUST spend what the insurance company sends…. Americans would sure have a hard time with that. The picnic sounds lovely and yesterday was exactly the correct temp. for one here as well – but in a college town on the day of a home football game – very little travel by us “townies” happens!! 🙂

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