With our recent problems with the kitchen ceiling, I was a little perplexed when the assessor took a sample of the ceiling saying he was checking for asbestos. A week or so later and another phone call tells me that indeed the deadly material had been found in our ceiling and they needed to appoint a ‘specialist contractor; to remove it, then another contractor to fix the work, Putting the phone down, I was a little worried. My uncle was a bank manager and never had dealings (apart from it being in the buildings as most pre 1980 houses that he worked in), and yet he contracted asbestosis and died very quickly after diagnosis. So my mind started to spin away, with all sorts of things – rather than waiting for a phone call to discuss an agreed day and time. My kitchen will be out of action for days, I will have to remove everything from the kitchen, I will need to move the family for a week to a hotel, oh my all the trouble… My mind is as you can see over-active at times.

As we all know asbestos is quite safe if left untouched and not disturbed. It is also pretty fire-proof! But it is also a Banned product in many countries including the UK and USA. And removal needs to be done by specialist contractors at a cost (luckily our insurance is paying this). When we bought the house, we were told that there was asbestos in the roof on a boiler or something, which they told us was ‘normal’ for our type and age of house. But this is the first we have ever heard of it being in the ceiling.

I will undoubtedly pass on further information as I get it and let me move to neighbours!

Our close has recently lost some of our ‘old neighbours’ and those empty houses are now full with new people. Our new next door neighbour is OK as OK goes, but in honesty they are far from ‘friendly’ so my over active mind start whirling into action. Maybe they are witness protection and can;t get friendly in case we find out. Maybe they just don’t like us. Or maybe they are snobs! Of course none are true and they are a decent young family… but my mind has a mind of its own.

Come back soon for another over active mind post 🙂


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