Money madness

OK slightly different blog entry here today, instead of my usual I thought I would concentrate on how to save and earn money online. I know many people in the USA love nothing better than to hunt out coupons and save as much as they possibly can on their shopping. However here in the UK we sadly lack way behind, and not many people do the money-saving things, and would rather end up paying full price.

So let’s look at why you should ‘bargain hunt’

If I were to say to you that you can have this DVD for £5 from me or £4 from the shop next door, with money as tight as it is these days, I presume most would opt for the lower price. But what if I said there is a coupon in the ‘Dave’s weekly’ that would save you a whole pound off the lower price. Would you cut the coupon and offer it to the retailer? Yes I know I would. I don’t consider myself tight or mean but I do love nothing better than getting a freebie or bargain. And why on earth (Unless your mega rich) wouldn’t you?


Getting freebies is easy, just visit one of the many websites that link to freebies each day or when they become available, and click-through to visit the websites and claim your freebie. I’ve lost count of the freebies I have had over the years but many of them have been excellent and fairly high in value, including a FULL bottle of bicardi drink, £20 to spend in a catalogue (with no payment required), and perfumes, food and much more. Of course there are some scam websites out there just harvesting your details to send spam (another freebie btw but the tinned variety). So it is important to use a disposable email address to help prevent this. Companies like Unilever and proctor and gamble offer free samples of new (and existing products) so check places like for freebies and coupons.


Cutting coupons from anywhere you see them if you need or buy the product is a must do, additionally websites such as offer a good selection of free coupons (and sometimes freebies) to print off and take to the shop. If you are wanting to buy some detergent for example you might be able to print a coupon for £2 off detergent A. But in Shop A that detergent may be on offer selling for £2, if you use your coupon you will get the product free. Facebook if a great place to get coupons my latest being free beans, and free spam BOGOF voucher. Some coupons may require you to give a little bit of feedback, which usually takes a minute or two.


Before shopping use a supermarket comparison website such as and see which supermarket offers the cheapest price for your basket or items you wish to purchase. Don’t be afraid to shop around, loyalty can be a misgiving if you get points but prices are slightly higher.


Doing a few surveys here and there can earn you a few extra pence or pounds so have a search online and forums for those that offer the sort of thing you like to complete surveys on. Some offer money, some offer points that convert, some offer vouchers for shops, and some offer entries into prize draws. With my luck the latter is one version I opt not to do. My most regular survey is product testing at Bzz (as posted a few days ago), and one where I get luncheon vouchers in return. I also belong to health ones although I didn’t get paid for one I did so you do need to be careful

Picking up bargains

Walking around supermarkets you can often see reduced items, check use by dates and if it can be frozen because things like bread and fish and meat can usually easily be frozen. It’s another way you can save money, and the later in the day you go the more the item is reduced by. For example one supermarket I heard starting in the morning by reducing by ten per cent, then it gradually went up every few hours until late in the afternoon when its reduced price became sell or be thrown price.

UK shame

The UK seems reluctant to do such money-saving things, and this in part I blame on the supermarkets as they went from silly with coupons to mean. By that I mean that once upon a time you could almost get your whole shopping free each week by cutting coupons and using them – even if you hadn’t bought the product. Now occasions some coupons are rejected which might cause embarrassment to some people, maybe its out of date, not for the right item, or the supermarket system just doesn’t want to accept the coupon. If this happens just get the cashier to remove the item from your bill and hand it back.


4 thoughts on “Money madness

  1. I’m not good with dollar to pound conversions, but I have been using coupons for about 45 years. I remember my nannie letting me hand the grocery store checker 3 cent and 5 cent coupons and getting that in return. I was hooked for sure! Nowadays, I clip coupons and put them on my rewards cards where, when swiped at the store, automatically gives you the money off when they ring the purchased. The two of us usually spend about $400 per month on groceries and my average savings through coupons is $80 – so we really end up spending $320. Then there’s CVS the drug store. Typically, through coupons and rewards on my card, I can save $95 every other month at the store. **I’m not one of those “extreme couponers” that stock piles stuff I’ll never use, just someone who feels like if I’m going to buy the item anyway, it’s throwing money away not to use the coupons!

    • Kelli it’s great getting a bargain and saving coupons and getting those reward points on store cards (something I never mentioned). We usually save our supermarket reward for Christmas where is buys our turkey and joints etc. The other supermarket card goes towards the train fare for our short break in March, if you go through the reward scheme you get at least twice the amount of the value of coupons – so our £50 will be £100 in train tickets for example.

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