Feeling like a plonker!

I’m a moaner! Yes everything seems to wind me up these days from noisy toys to queues and queue jumpers, cinema films that don’t start on time, you name it – it’ll wind me up! So it may be no surprise then that when I received a toy book (puppy attached) for my grand-daughter the other day I was less than happy to find the puppy was sewn on the book upside down! “I’m not having that” I said to my long-suffering wife, and promptly contacted the company who asked for photos which I duly supplied. OK the book was exactly expensive – but I had paid for it and as I had paid for it I expected it to work properly, you would too wouldn’t you?

I prepared myself for a fight in case the company said they couldn’t change or refund, and sat and waited to hear…

When I got the email I read it with disbelief! They were saying the dog rotated on the book all the way round, so in fact it wasn’t ‘stuck’, but if it were they would change it. By now I was feeling a little silly, and promptly got the book out to try, and sure enough it did rotate! Boy did I have egg on my face! I replied to email and offered my humble apologies. (The book on the left is the book that caused my embarrassment).

I recall walking down the high street with my daughter and someone saying “Is this your wife” my daughter wasn’t impressed  in any way, although I did have a good old laugh to myself! I have this sense of humour that silly little things make me laugh, and once I start it’s hard to finish. I have had a few of those with my ‘stick – in –  the -mud’ in laws. But I’ll share that some other time (memory permitting)

Take care


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