My Saturday meal

A week or so ago we spotted two whole sea bass in our local Sainsbury’s for the price of £7.00. The problem was they still had their head and tails on, yeah they were whole – complete! But my daughter assured me that her catering course showed her how to ‘fillet’ fish, and we bought the fish. Now sea bass is a lovely tasting, oily fish and is in fact one of my favourite fish. “What shall we have to go with it”? I quizzed. Wishing to try to be a bit healthy, we opted for cous cous, another favourite.

So we got home and froze the whole fish, as we decided to have it at a later date, which soon came around. It wasn’t very long before my daughter was cutting heads and tails off fish, and filleting them – and a good job she did too! And as she grilled the white fish I began to get peckish! And when it was served, it looked extremely healthy and delicious too. Taking my last bite of the fish, I didn’t encounter one bone so well done Naomi for the filleting job! When I tidied up afterwards I lifted the lid of the bin and was somewhat shocked to see two beady eyes staring back at me! Whether on purpose on not my daughter had put the fish heads in the bin and one was staring straight back at me as I put rubbish on top of him.

Another trip to Sainbury’s this week saw us get another two whole fish for a knock down price of £1.04 for two fillets. Again another favourite of mine – Mackerel! So here’s to the poor little fish who died so I can eat! I just hope the heads are put downwards this time in the bin!

Take care


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