Dental phobic

In my younger days I had lots of dental treatment and all but my bottom front teeth have either fillings, or caps or crowns etc. The bottom front teeth are fine, which is a blessing. But I recall as a child having teeth out and filling under general anaesthetic. Yes I was put to sleep to have my teeth done, something they avoid doing at all costs now. But I blame those bad encounters for my dental phobia that remains with me to this day.

So when I recently had an abscess I had no choice but to visit the dentist  me who gave me antibiotics and told me to book a half hour appointment for a root canal filling WITHOUT any anaesthetic, although if it does hurt he will inject local anaesthetic. That appointment is tomorrow at 10.30am, and while my exterior may look calm, inside I am nothing short of shaking. Although, in fairness I am not as bad as I used to and I can only presume  that it is in part due to the accident I had.

I always use to think to be a dentist you needed to be sort of evil, but after those dentist – given antibiotics I no longer think this train of thought. I can’t say I love dentist visits, the sound of that drill humming as you sit and wait, people chatting like it’s a pub while I sit there freezing with fear. And yet, I know dentists are a necessary part of today’s society. Oddly enough the first think I check out with people I see or meet is their teeth. I love nothing more than seeing sparkly white gnashers and boy do I get envious!

It was a week of appointments  starting Wednesday when we had a man from the insurance come about the carpet. Thursday we had someone come to check our central heating. Friday is the D day. Monday I have a doctor appointment. And we have our grandchildren at the weekend too… So I reckon come my doctor’s appointment I might well fall asleep in the waiting room 🙂

Take care


2 thoughts on “Dental phobic

  1. I too am no fan of the dentist – in fact, I was just there earlier this week to have a crown set from a root canal I had a month ago – They gave me a local shot but not before they gave me a full 10 minutes of gas -we call it laughing gas – to give me the “don’t cares”. If I didn’t have that, I would never make it through! Good luck tomorrow and just know that it will be over soon!!

  2. Just got back Kelli, and although he was running 20 minutes late (never helps) all went well, I got to go back so he can ‘finish off. No Anaesthetic either…

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