Noisy does it

Is it me or are kids toys noisy today? My grand daughter (who lives with us) has a multitude of toys, and about half of them make noise. Not subtle gentle noise, but rather loud head banging noise. Take her most recent purchase (by my daughter). It is an OK toy don’t get me wrong, it helps them learn a few words of Spanish by singing and talking. However, the loudness of the toy is for me at least deafening! Not to mention the repetitiveness of the words: “Let’s all go to the farm, to hear our animal friends”… Which is then repeated in Spanish! And then there is Barney and Elmo, two animated toys that sing, dance bounce, talk and again make a loud noise. She does have mega bricks and some cuddly toys and dolls which remain silent, which I encourage her to play with. In fact thinking of it do you think children are more spoilt these days? I’m sure they are.

And then when we were at Sainsbury’s the other day I spied a toy kettle in a sale for just £2 and a few pence. So my daughter snapped it up. But when we got it home the noise was pretty loud, and worse still it didn’t stop! The toy had no off switch, and the only way to stop it was ether stand it up straight or get a screw driver and remove the batteries. So we opted for the stand up straight option, but every time I stood it up one of the grandchildren found it hilarious to knock it down again! Of course the giggles of them had a similar effect on me, and in the end we all ended up having a good laugh!

Take care


2 thoughts on “Noisy does it

    • I’m glad I’m not alone Kelli 🙂 It’s true for me too that I put up with more from the grandchildren than I did my own children. Which is bewildering really as I have a bit of a short fuse on the whole – with things really winding me up quickly these days (not family that is, but outside things like queueing, people pushing in, injustice etc)

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