Tickets ready and passwords

At the start of the year we booked a holiday to the Spanish island of Majorca, we went into the shop month upon month to pay a little more off the cost and a few months ago it was all paid up, much to our relief! So I was a tad surprised when last week I got a phone call telling me the tickets were in and ready to be picked up. Normally they ring us about two weeks prior to the trip taking place. This was in fact some five weeks prior to our leaving. However, on Saturday we went in and picked them up, our theory being that we could check them and keep them in the safe…

I wonder how you keep your passwords safe? Do you use just the one, or do you use a different one for each site you visit? My memory simply would not remember so many log in details so I opt for writing them down. Which in itself is a hassle, as you have to search for each password for every website. It is made easier in some cases; for example those I visit daily or more as they are regular and my memory copes. The same can be said for pin number for ATM’s and pin and chip devices. Luckily the cards I use most I can remember, but those for things like savings are less memorable. I have wondered about a password storer/generator like keepass, but I wonder just how safe they are – do they send passwords back to the people who make them – I don’t know maybe I am being over sceptical?

One of my favourite meals is the East End delicacy of pie, mash and liquor – very yummy. I remember my mum taking me to the pie and mash shop when I was younger, and there we sat as we tucked into the meal after slashing it with plenty of vinegar. Check out the video below…


Take care


One thought on “Tickets ready and passwords

  1. Amazon sells this handy-dandy ringed book to keep all your account information including account numbers, due dates – if there is one, user ID, and Password. I keep mine there. But in order to keep someone from taking it and finding out all my passwords, I write the ID and Passwords one account away. It’s rather complicated but I understand and can keep track.

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