Ketone testing

While I was ill and even prior to that I was aware that my blood sugar were running high a lot of the time. My body soon began to cave in under the high running sugars, my stump for example refused to heal (and even now leaks a small amount of blood), I felt tired, and depression was common. But even though I knew I should have perhaps tested for ketones, I didn’t mainly because the sticks I had were out of date – and my energy levels were such that I couldn’t even summon the strength to get out of bed! So I never tested.

But I recently saw a TV programme called Sun, Sea and A & E. A diabetic lad was suffering Ketoacidosis a potential fatal diabetic problem, which is caused by high sugars sunning for a length of time. He was very poorly and they didn’t know whether he would in fact pull through. He did as it happened. But I though it would be good to make a post about the problem, so as luck would have it a Diabetic facebook page posted a video which I now share with you…

Take care


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