Friday again!

What can I say? The week had flown by, probably because a lot has happened. Firstly as I’ve posted previously I was unwell, and am just now feeling much better. Secondly we had a leak from our toilet which made our kitchen ceiling bow and when pressed we created a hole in the ceiling and a puddle in the bowl we placed underneath. Then the plumber came and fixed it, and where the landing carpet had turned brown (on the edge) was in fact damage done by the leak. So I decided to see if we could make a claim on the house insurance, the biggest problem being the carpet, which I did think was down to spilling tea on the mat (not that a cup of tea ever gets over to that part of the carpet as it is right on the edge). So I rung up and the people so far (apart from one) have been very helpful and kind, The first assessor is coming this afternoon with the second coming next Wednesday.

Have I mentioned lately that I have a ‘thing’ for oven baked jacket potatoes? Already this week we have had them twice at least, and I think the rest of the family are getting a bit fed up with them. I love the crispy skin, the melted butter taste mixing with the baked beans (although we have had a tin of free beans from Heinz which we currently prefer to Baked beans and one tin is FOUR of your FIVE a day) (See here for free tin)

Another freebie we got this week was for spam, although you have to buy one you get one free with a coupon, and as I love spam and didn’t have any the cupboard  it was a very welcome treat. (See here for Spam coupon)

And next came the Vanish Sensitive sample, as I have Vitiligo anything sensitive is a good thing. (See here for Vanish sensitive sample).

Next came a free sample of Boss Nuit fragrance, a touch a luxury for nothing can;t be a bad thing can it? (See here for sample offer)

So that is my freebies this week so far, that I can remember – that is.


For my USA fans I found the following for you on your side of the pond: Free Simply U hair care sample, 2 Free Atkins bars, Free Sample of Spark pet food, Free Necafe Memento sample, Free Nivea Whitening deodorant sample


Take care


2 thoughts on “Friday again!

  1. So, I’m reading your paragraph about baked potatoes and then I am taken aback! What do you mean the mix of baked beans with the potato? How is it normally eaten? I’m dying to know if I misunderstood or if there’s something cool and new I get to try!!

    • Sorry Kelli if I didn’t make it clear. I slice the potato in half add the butter which obviously melts, and then put the baked beans (or the new five beans) on top of that. Then sort of ‘mix it’ together in the jacket skin. Hope this clarifies things, but do ask if not… Hope you are well?

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