Agent dabbit calling…

OK, I give up trying to be James Bond! I have neither the looks, stamina, or strength (nor ability) to run around shooting people, jumping from buildings and jumping from planes. But I do have the energy to be a secret agent of kind (perhaps not so secret though). I belong to a website call BzzAgent. It is a website that offer product testing in return for feedback (good or bad) about the product. And recently I was given the task of performing the ultra challenging task of eating some cookies! Now as easy as this task may seem to some people, it is for the hungry diabetic that I am difficult! You see once you’ve had one, you want more – and that is where the ‘hard’ (worse than James Bond) task of resistance comes in!

You see we opted to have the cookies as a treat instead of ordinary (sometimes boring) cake for our tea. Biting into the crumbly and yet soft biscuit was difficult in itself – was the cookie really crumbly or was it really soft? All these mind-boggling decisions! After the softness effect, the chocolate took start turn for me, and to be truthful I was pleasantly surprised by the ‘niceness’ of the chocolate. I’m normally a Cadbury fan – only certainly Nestle products pass my sharp taste buds (like kit kat peanut butter). But getting back, the chocolate is nice and sweet and – well chocolately. There is no after taste or anything that I sometimes get with other chocolate. And believe me the cookies have lovely large chunks of chocolate in them to satisfy even the biggest chocolate fan.

All this confusion and thinking has made me thirsty, so I am now sitting here with a nice cup of tea and another quandrum has crossed my mind, what is the difference between a cookie and a biscuit? So watch me in action at or forget my fantasies and head down to Tesco and snap up some of those delicious Chunky chocolate chip cookies, because I know I will be doing so again soon

If anyone should be worrying about my diabetes control – don’t, a little treat (although my definition of little may be different from the dictionary) doesn’t hurt anyone!


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