Catching up

Wow what a week it’s been!

It all started last Thursday when I had a bit of a toothache, but being a somewhat dental phobe I decided that in my infinite wisdom that in a few days time the pain would go and I would be able to avoid a trip to my least favourite place in the whole world! I was of course very wrong. I think I often forget that I am a diabetic, and that every possible sign of an infection really ought to be check out. But I’m not sure whether it is the way I was brought up or the way society has trained our minds (that men don’t cry etc), but I suffered, and still am.

I tried in vain to get to see a doctor on Saturday as my temperature rose and the sweat started to soak my clothing and sheets, I rung the dentist but was sounded by along drawn out answer machine – I gave up half way through. Again I kept the fact I was diabetic to myself, which perhaps wasn’t wise.

So back home on Saturday afternoon I returned to my bed and slept on and off throughout the day and night, sipping water through a straw and eating spoonfuls of potted rice pudding – just enough to raise my blood sugars I hoped on each occasions. The trouble with taking medication regularly as you probably know, that even when you don’t feel like it you still need to take your medications, and insulin is no different.

Monday morning came and I got an emergency appointment with the dentist who immediately prescribed antibiotics for me. And luckily after a day or so of taking them the sweats began to ease, the pain began to subside, but the swelling and tiredness remain firmly in place.

Today, while much better than I have felt n many days I still feel unwell. And if this continues I may have to see my doctor next week at some point. In just three or four days I lost over 11lb in body weight! Which is great because I could certainly do with losing a bit. I am also out of bed and sitting up typing, which shows how much better I am, I am hoping that the improvement continues….

But what should this teach me? Firstly, I should tell people that I am diabetic, and not worry what other people think. The trouble with me is that I tend to worry about everyone else first before thinking about me. So I was thinking while talking to the doctor receptionist that actually there may be some poor baby needing to be rushed in. Silly I know, because in reality it was probably a seven-foot 20 stone man who had cut his toe nail the wrong way or something. But that is how I am and at 52 years of age, I somehow doubt the change will be immediate if at all.

But my news isn’t all doom and gloom our small little town has hit the national headline this week with the lucky winner of the Euro – lottery

living in it. Adrian and Gillian Bayford won a staggering £148 + million pounds! This not only makes them the richest people in Haverhill (I would like to say second to me but that’d be a sheer lie). But it makes them even richer than some A list celebrities! I’m not jealous (much), and don’t actually know the obviously very nice and ground couple. National media descended on the town, and the sun shone as the TV crews and journalists tried to get the best pictures or that ‘something special’ story.  But it begs the question what would you do with £148 million (about $231.9604million). A lot of people say it is ‘too much’. I disagree! You can in my opinion never have too much money, firstly you’d never have to worry about buying anything you wanted (let alone needed) again. Secondly, you can help out friends and family who have been good to you. Then you could create employment by setting up a business. Next donate some to charities,  goodness knows there are many hundred of them out there.  I think if I were to win that amount I would invest a lot, leave some to my children and grandchildren and family etc. Donate a chunk to my favourite charities, and take a luxury holiday with my wife to celebrate our thirtieth wedding  anniversary next month.

Take care


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