Ear we go again

Yesterday was a hospital appointment for my diabetes. The man we see was THE top man, I know this because my son saw him initially until he was promoted to the very top of the tree. And while as annual heck ups go, it lacked immensely, he was very positive, assuring me that people vary in their insulin amounts, and that I just needed to fins the correct dose. “We need to take one step at a time” he said as he told me to increase me night-time insulin and the increase it every other day if they didn’t correct the morning readings.

We left the hospital in record time for a diabetic check up, and waited for a bus into the city centre. We aim for one of our favourite restaurants Carluccios. Having pondered the menu we both opted for the same food, Chicken liver pate with toasted Italian Bread for starters, followed by Sea Bass saute potatoes and salsa. And it didn’t disappoint, the restaurant was amazingly busy for 1pm is, but I guess it was peak lunch time. The meal was reasonably healthy, very tasty, but also pretty pricey! But as we said to each other: We don’t do it that often.

Luckily the rain held off, until we got on the bus home, when the sky turned black, the heavens opened and boy did it rain! However, luck was on our side as when we got off the bus it stopped, and once again waited until we got in our taxi for the short ride home. And once again, when we approached our house it stopped, until we got inside. It truly did seem as if someone was watching out for us.

This morning I had a doctor appointment for a drumming I am getting in my ear. She was over half an hour late, but that was soon forgiven as she put me at ease and listened carefully to my problem. She checked me ears, and both were clear, but she gave me a nasal spray, and organised a hearing test, watch this space….

Until next time take care and thank you for reading


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