Fight the fight

Do you ever get to the point where you just want to give up? Not on life so much but on battles? Usually if I KNOW I am right (and I have to be 100% sure) I will fight with any company and have won several fights in the past. Upper most in my mind was a local (large) furniture company who we got to lay our new kitchen flooring. They suggested that we needed to have some underlay type concrete (forgotten the proper name of it), in order that the previous tiling didn’t show through. We agreed and paid an extra fee. However it wasn’t long before the shape of the tiles was showing through the flooring, and I sprung into action. In the first instance I popped into the shop and spoke to the manager, the response was along the lines of ‘there is nothing we can do’. I left the store very disgruntled, but sure that I was in the right! So at home I typed up a letter to the stores head office, whom were more receptive than the store manager.

They arranged for an independent assessor to come to our house and depending on that they would act accordingly. As it happened the independent assessor agreed with us that it was substandard and needed re – doing! The company held its head low, apologised and put right the wrong. We also had the choice if picking new flooring (because our original choice had sold out). I was pleased with the outcome, and we had no more problems, but needless to say that I no longer shop on that particular store.

Another one was when a salesman entered my elderly mums home and sold her an electric chair that she didn’t want or need (at the time). I contacted the company and got nowhere, so went to Citizens Advice Bureau, whom fought our fight and we ended up having the sale contract retracted and a refund! And so my latest fight has stumped me somewhat. It is to do with and their governing body, who are supposed to protect the public.

So I bought this mobility scooter and for nearly the whole first year I had nothing but trouble, so getting no where I contacted the BHTA who took all the details from both me and BLHC. And that was it, they did NOTHING, they DIDN’T reply to my telephone calls, emails or letters, and that includes an email which I sent directly to the persona in charge.

Still with fight in me I began to write to high-profile consumer ‘helpers’ like BBC’s Watchdog and Magazines consumer warriors. But again I heard nothing, so I am now sitting here deflated with time ticking by and feeling like I just want to give up the fight. I plan to write again to each of the consumer champions but where else do I go?

But on a brighter note do you remember this Cadbury’s Caramel advert from the 1980’s?


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