A thoughtful reminder & Rhubarb bake recipe

It’s true enough when people say they are ‘young at heart’, because the majority of us who are a little mature in age remain young. That said I have ‘mellowed over the years, and whereby once I might have flown off the handle at the slightest thing – now I st and think about it a little more. Will it really bother me in a few months? What difference does it make? Will any harm come from not doing it? You know the sort of thing! But I still have those ‘tantrum’ moments – most especially when I am tired: Then I could upset many people without meaning to, but the tiredness seems to act like an alter – ego in same way Now we’re clear (probably as mud), I can also confirm that the banner on the left last part ‘slightly older in other places’. Boy do I sometimes wish for my younger days – if only for the ability to walk around, not need to take insulin and various other medications etc. Oh yes and to have knees that didn’t hurt, and a back that was as strong as the day before I lifted that baby bath!

Some light humour for you to enjoy courtesy of Youtube

I am a great fan of splenda (and similar sweetener, I usually opt for offers and cheaper versions). But Splenda seem to offer a range of recipes, decent customer service, and a product that has transformed many people’s lives. So while browsing the internet the other day I came across this recipe on their YouTube channel and liking rhubarb immediately thought it was for me. I thought I would share it with you, as it simply couldn’t be any easier.


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