Happy August

Can you believe it is the first of August today? I just sit and wonder where the time flies sometimes,  take last week. My wife had the week off holiday and we thought we’d have ‘some time’ alone in peace. At least that was the plan, but following the disagreement between daughters we only managed to have one day alone and even then we had to go out. So we ventured off to the lovely Cambridgeshire city of Ely. There isn’t much to do, but there is plenty to relax too. We opted for a stroll around the small centre, after having a nice cuppa and nibble in a cafe near the cathedral. Then we pondered around the shops, and then down to the river where we sat and had lunch and a drink or two. The weather was glorious and warm and sunny – with not a cloud.

We caught the train back to Cambridge and again made our way through to the city where we had a nice tea meal by the river Cam. It was lovely (I had poached egg on toast, and Mrs D had toasted croissant with cheese and ham). We even stretched to desert my opting for a strawberry tart and Mrs D going for a cheesecake. As I said it was absolutely lovely, but it was also pretty dear. And I guess we were in the city of Cambridge by the river which would add a premium. So at least THE day was worth it…


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