What’s up doc!

When I got the phone call last week I wasn’t surprised, but at the back of my mind somewhere deep in my sub-conscious I had a niggle of worry. Why would the surgery ring me four times, why would they insist I needed to visit the doctor if they hadn’t found anything. Of course I could just be a hypochondriac! But I had a few things planned so my sub-conscious was otherwise occupied.

And then Friday came. My appointment was for 9.10am and at 9.35 I was called in. I sat down opposite the young lady doctor, and she opened her mouth: “What can I do for you today”? “I had a phone call insisting I came to see you” I replied. With that her eyes fixed on the screen and she rolled her finger on the mouse to scroll down the page… “I don’t know why, they said you need to come in” she uttered. Your cholesterol is 4.0, your LFT is fine, this is fine and that is fine. “In fact” she said “The only problem is your hb1ac, which is 77%”. “77%”  I added in a question reply. “Yes it’s the new way of doing things, and works out to about 9.0”. She then asked if I had been unwell etc, and I told her about my stump problem and the infection. She then told me that infections etc can affect blood glucose along with the change of medication I have had.

So I left the surgery feeling a tad silly and guilty for wasting doctor time.

I am pleased to report that for two whole days now I have been able to leave  dressing off my stump, and the best part is the paid has reduced significantly. That said I still have the ‘fear of’ pain and the actual pain in my real leg.

Take care


2 thoughts on “What’s up doc!

  1. Well, you could look at it like the surgery wasted YOUR time – I bet with the stump, it was a lot more difficult for you to get there than it was for the physician to walk into the exam room and spend a few minutes with you! I’m so glad to hear your pain is decreasing. I’ve heard of phantom pain but you didn’t mention it so maybe you don’t have pain in your foot and leg where it used to be. Hopefully one day you will be relatively pain free.

    • Hi Kelli, I suffer from Phantom pain on and off, and in differing strengths too. Its true that they wasted my time when you look at it like that… Thanks for the comment

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