Olympic opening

I had every intention of sitting and watching the opening ceremony of the Olympic games, we finished the barbecue, our visitors left, and I had bought some Pringle’s to munch while watching it. I turned on the TV at about 7.30pm and was bored already, it was nothing but a waste of space to fill time until the main event started at 9pm.

So I thought I’d take the opportunity to catch up on the Blu – ray disc hired from Love – film, this week we got Hostel part 3. The story revolves around a man who is getting married and along with two friends and the best man get whisked off to Vegas. Expecting lots of sex, gambling and drinking they soon settle in. But things take a turn for the worse and slowly they are tortured and killed one by one, until the end when 50% of the four remain. I thought the story was nice as it was set in the States, and pretty original, not to mention different compared to the others in the trilogy. However there was still something lacking for me, I’m not sure what though. Was the storyline somewhat predictable? Was it the acting? Was it the lack of ‘scary scenes’? I’m not sure which I would opt for but the one thing I do know is it lacked, yes it kept my interest as I was hoping things would improve – but alas they didn’t. I only hope Hostel 4 will be an improvement.

So film having been watched and Pringle’s half eaten, I decided my poor wife (who was snoring as loud as a pneumatic drill on the other sofa) needed her bed. And so we popped up stairs and began reading the magazines and books we had started. Within minutes (about 15) I was needing to put my book down and ‘rest my eyes’. And I slept much better last night than most other nights, I am sure this is because last night I shut the window and had the fan running. No outside noise (from noisy neighbour), etc just a grumble of the fan…


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