It’s time for pepsi max caffeine free

Up until a week or two ago I was unable to drink fizzy drinks in any great amount (i.e. more than a few mouthfuls), the reasoning behind this was easy – it made me physically sick. On the occasions I had drunk more than my body wanted me to, I would be up at night feeling and sometimes being sick. So recently when I finished a whole can due to greediness and thirst, I imagined it would be the same story, it wasn’t. So I tempted fate and drank some more, and gradually increased the amount – but not suffering those ill effects. And in recent days I have consumed all manner of fizzy drinks in more than a few mouthfuls, all with no sickly feeling. So I can say (though with some trepidation still) that I am cured! But my worry is that despite Pepsi Max being sugar-free, it does contain caffeine which is not a good thing to contain, so while Coke do a Coke caffeine free diet version, I have yet to see Pepsi Max caffeine free…

I created a salad (created sound like it was professional at least) over the weekend, and went to make a Quiche with pre made and pre rolled pastry. You can’t go wrong with that can you? Wrong, you can! I laid the pastry into the flan dish, placed some greaseproof paper over it and then tipped some baking beans onto that. I then popped it in the oven for about ten to fifteen minutes, removing it from the oven when the edges were just turning golden.

I then went to remove the beans and paper, but it has baked firmly into the pastry – thus rendering the pastry case useless! So I used the chicken as just that and we had chicken salad. But in the meantime I had rung my wife and told her to get some Quiche for the salad. When she came in she had bought two deep Quiche. And with the cheese baton I for one was over faced with food. And I left my Quiche for later. Which got me thinking about portion size, on the plate in front of me was: 1 tomato, 1/4 cucumber (peeled), 2 small new potatoes, and two table spoons of chicken and the same of sweetcorn. Is that enough to feet a six-foot man? Obviously it is, because it filled to the brink, but I can only assume that if I were active this would be insufficient for me as I’d be burning more calories using more energy etc… But let’s face it what is better than sitting down and eating a plate of raw vegetables (he says sarcastically)?  Losing weight I’m told is not only about the foods that go into your mouth, but by the AMOUNT of food that goes into your mouth. On TV the other day they said that a portion size is about the amount of food you can fit into the palm of your hand, so maybe my portion size was right?


2 thoughts on “It’s time for pepsi max caffeine free

  1. Dave – it’s all a gamble. It’s a bigger gamble for you of course, but I think everyone is out there stabbing in the dark (so to speak). Ever see a news segment about a study at the first of the year and then another news segment about a different study that is in complete opposition to the first study? Happens all the time over here.

  2. Yes it is so annoying to hear those differing ‘studies’ that change from week to week. I remember the ‘a glass of wine if no good for you’. Then “A glass of red wine each day is fine”, Next “Wine in moderation is good for you” And now we’re back to step two “A glass of red wine is ok”. It really is no wonder we get confused half the time! Thanks for your comment Kelli!

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