No added sugar Coconut truffles

Happy Birthday Mum! my poor ole mum is 83 today! She has gradually gone down hill over the last few years – but she’s still mum so have a great day!

The weekend went as usual too quickly! Luckily my wife is off from work this week, so hopefully we should manage to snatch a little time together. That is after babysitting, hospital and doctor visits. On Friday I got four phone calls all of which I missed with the exception of the last one, from our local doctors surgery. They informed me that the doctor needed to see me, and I needed to make an appointment, and proceeded to rattle off the available slots. I opted for Friday, although she tried for Tuesday (hospital appointment). There was little indication of what the requirement was for, although I did explain that I was under the hospital for my diabetes and she simply replied Yes but this is something the doctor needs to see you about. I would say roll on Friday, but that’s just wishing this week away, and I don’t want that one bit!

Being a fan of Splenda (UK) on Facebook, they recently posted the YouTube recipe below. Which is rather odd as that very day I was wanting an easy coconut chocolate ‘thing’ recipe, and these ‘no chance of burning’ truffles are right up my street!


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